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Witness to a New World

After days of clear skies, temperatures warm enough to melt inches from the snow accumulated on the ground, the stormclouds have moved in again. A sky the color of iron hangs low overhead, not yet delivered of the snow it carries. A coppery earth shows through the cleared patches of white, and the occasional flake drifts past, flurries like tiny motes in worlds of dust and light.

It is almost preternaturally calm now: The predawn north wind has subsided, giving way to the stillness that precedes the storm. It lacks the flash of any cosmic big bang, all imploding stars and dust of creation, and yet, it is easy to believe that we are witness to a new world being born.

Tomorrow, the work of the new calendar year begins in earnest, holidays over and long weekends with it. We shall need to make an effort to keep this spirit of newness of opportunity and possibility, firmly in mind. Today’s featured work, the very embodiment of the creative spirit, of new worlds being born, helps with that. From its description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

Worlds of Dust and Light Earrings

Our cosmologies teach of multiple worlds that inhabit the same universe, our own and those inhabited by the spirits. Wings calls both into being with these earrings, worlds of dust and light that exist by virtue of the elemental powers of the cosmos, the dust of creation and the light of the first dawn. Each dangling drop is formed around a central free-form cabochon of natural turquoise, its telltale earthy browns and bronzes scattered across pale greens and blues an indicator that it was likely pulled from beneath the ground of Colorado. Each cabochon is set into a smooth hand-filed bezel and trimmed with twisted silver; beneath each setting extends a small flange, hand-drilled with three tiny round holes. A fringe of silvery light cascades from each flange, three long elegant strands of fine sterling silver wire per earring. The drops are held fast by sterling silver wires attached via delicate silver jump rings. Each earring hangs 3-1/2″ in overall length (excluding wires); cabochons are 1-3/8″ long by 1/4″ across at the widest point; sterling silver “tassels” hang 1-7/8″ in total length (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; natural American turquoise (likely from Colorado)
$925 + shipping, handling, and insurance

For now, the world remains still, near silent. The ravens and the smaller birds roam back and forth across the exposed patches of earth, stocking up while we all await the snow. Very soon, the violet skies will fade to the color of ice and the flakes will begin to fall.

It is a less fiery process than that of any cosmic genesis, but one of birth all the same: a pale universe aswirl in motes of crystalline light, not the dust of creation but the frozen water of it — water, the first medicine, adapted to the cold but just as nurturing of life.

On this day, we are witness to a new world, one filled with great risk but also boundless possibility. Now, we begin the work not merely of creating a good new world, but of guiding its growth. It has presented itself in its rawest, most vulnerable form; it is up to us to keep it safe, and our future with it.

~ Aji








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