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“When the Lightning Comes” Cuff Bracelet. $975. SOLD.

When the LIghtning Comes Cuff Bracelet Top View

When the lightning comes, it summons the elemental forces, renewing the world by the power of the storm. Wings pays tribute to its role with this new solid sterling silver cuff, rendered in heavy three-gauge cube wire. Deeply stamped linked bolts of lightning chase each other down the surface of the band, the blank space on the side of each line centered by a tiny round hoop, each its own drop of cleansing rain. More drops accent each side of the band, spaced at intervals like raindrops cascading down the silvery arc of the light. Side view shown below.

Sterling silver
$975 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Side view:

When the Lightning Comes Cuff Bracelet Side View








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