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We Walk In the Path of a Directed Light

A Directed Light Earrings

In these newly-short days of autumn, we need guidance, direction, a light upon our darkening path.

This is never more true than in days such as these, when the snow arrives too early upon the peaks and the skies are dark and heavy with rain. There are few shadows across the land today, it’s true; the light is too opaque and diffuse to create such sharp-edged lines and spaces. But it is on these days when the dark and cold draw near too soon that we need the light more than ever.

Today, we introduce Wings’s latest work, a pair of earrings (among several other pairs also in the works on this day) that embody the indigenous sky, sun and clouds alike, and adorned with fluted blossoms that serve to channel its rays of light downward, thence to brighten our our way. From their description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

A Directed Light Earrings

In our traditional way, we walk in the path of a directed light. Wings pays tribute to the road, and to the light that shines upon it, with his newest earrings, a pair crafted simply from old stones and silver. It begins with a pair of very old high-grade red-webbed turquoise stones from his private collection, most likely from Nevada but possibly from an old Arizona deposit, in the color of the autumn skies. Each is a perfect blend of teal blue backlit with emerald green, with a near-translucent overlay of brighter sky blue aswirl atop it. A spectacularly fine matrix in a deep rusty-red color is tightly webbed throughout. The cabochons are cut the old way, domed and lightly beveled on the corners, then set into saw-toothed bezels and edged with twisted silver. A pair of jump rings are soldered to the base of each stone’s setting, each then linked via an additional jump ring to a pair of sterling silver squash blossom flutes, ready to channel the sky’s own silvery light onto the wearer’s path below. Earrings hang 1.5″ in overall length (excluding wires); cabochons are .5″ square; squash blossoms are .5″ long (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; old red-webbed turquoise
$425 + shipping, handling, and insurance

We were given the gift of breaks in the storm today, briefly: a turquoise sky visible through a webbing of dark clouds, brilliant rays of light shining upon the snow-capped peaks and the cascade of gold and bronze color tumbling down the slopes below. It felt like a message, an omen — a promise that, however early the winter, however dark the storm, our ways will provide all the warmth and light, all the protection and guidance we need.

Sometimes the light is not where we expect it to be, not where we think it should be. But if this place and this season teach us anything, it is that the light has its own direction, and it will always show us where we need to go.

~ Aji





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