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We are Earth, and We Are Light

Earth and Light Cuff Cabs 1

Today is perhaps the last fully golden day before the weather turns. Oh, we will have more days with highs well into the fifties, even if the promised storm materializes. But today the mercury is north of sixty-five, not a solitary cloud drifts across the sky, and our small world here is awash in golden light.

By tomorrow evening, that is supposed to have changed: Snow is predicted, and that will likely mean the last of the amber blanket of aspen leaves. The time of All Souls’ may be mostly brown and gray, windswept and rimed with frost.

Still, the autumn light shines through, now unfiltered by the leaves.

It is, in other words, a perfect time for today’s featured work, a time when Father Sun’s golden light narrows to the slimmest of lines, flanked by the earth tones of the little winter; a time when he rises above now only remnant green, his silvery shimmer as thin and ephemeral as the threshold between worlds. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Earth and Light Cuff Top View

Earth and Light Cuff Bracelet

The earth warms and grows beneath the light. Wings honors both with this cuff made of sterling silver triangle wire, slender but solid. The apex of the band is accented with dozens of small stamps, rows and rays flanked on either angled side by a chased pattern of rising suns. At either end, the band is hammered into a smooth oval disc angled gently inward. At the point where the apex begins to slope downward, each side is set with a tiny round cabochon of soft green jade, the color of new grass, nestled in a saw-toothed bezel. Beneath each jade cab rests a brilliant oval cabochon of tiger’s eye, also set into a saw-toothed bezel, each stone the warm rich brown of the earth, shot through at the center with a chatoyant line of golden light. Other views shown above and below.

Sterling silver; tiger’s eye; jade
$825 + shipping, handling, and insurance

We do, still, have a remarkable amount of green here, given how long the leaves have been turning in their dance. And there are, of course, the evergreens — piñon and cedar, spruce and fir. The mountains here are never wholly brown, given their own blankets of winter trees.

Still, the colors of earth are coming into their own now, rust and copper and the dark shades of the soil.

Earth and Light Cuff Cabs 2

It’s fitting, I suppose, in these days leading up to All Souls’: We are, after all, about to mark the journey of those who have departed this world (and make proof against those who would return to it with ill intent). Whether ashes or dust, we all return to the earth physically, even as our spirits abandon the soil for the light.

Like the seasons, humanity must make space for future generations, give future iterations room to grow and thrive. It is as natural as the turn of the earth around the sun, as the foreshortened angle of the light, as the trading of green for gold and red and, ultimately, brown.

But in the days to come as we mark the memory of those gone before, we know that in the end, like the seasons of the year, it is all one: We are earth, and we are light.

~ Aji






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