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“Water’s Edge” Hook Bracelet. $1,025.

Waters Edge Hook Bracelet Top View

The seas stretch in all directions, the tides ebb and flow, and the world arises at the water’s edge. Wings honors world and waters alike in the forging of this hook bracelet, a vintage style finding resurgent expression. The narrow silver band is stamped down the center of its surface in a chased pattern that makes use of a single thunderhead symbol, each one paired to form the rain, the sacred space of the kiva steps, and sacred space of another sort, with spokes stretching to all directions. The inner band is stamped with another singular design, a crescent like the half-moon that regulates tidal patterns, that repeats along either inner edge. The band extends into a tab at either end, each of which is bent into a hook. The center of the band is formed by single square cabochon of beveled turquoise in a beautifully gentle blue-green seafoam shade, spiderwebbed with inky black matrix that resembles the reeds beneath the water’s surface. The cabochon is edged in twisted silver, and the backing extends on either side into a pair of hand-made loops through which the band’s ends hook in a loop-and-toggle closure. This bracelet is designed for smaller wrists. Band is 6″ long and 1/4″ across; cabochon is 1/4″ square (dimensions approximate). Side view shown below.

Sterling silver; blue-green turquoise
$1,025 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Side view:

Waters Edge Hook Bracelet Side View












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