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“Twilight” Earrings. $265. SOLD.


Magic happens at twilight. It’s when sun and clouds birth purple light: a mystical illumination for the darkening hours, a promise of hope for a new day. Wings honors the new year with a series of concha earrings bearing feathers and bright jewels, tributes to the light of this new world, beginning with the amethyst hues of dusk. Each round sterling silver medallion is hand-stamped in a traditional pattern, one that resembles eagle feathers fanned out in a circle, to create the “rays” of the light formed by the gemstone at its heart. Each concha is lightly domed; then a tiny luminous amethyst is bezel-set at the center. These are the largest in the series, one inch across at the widest point; amethyst cabochons are 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate). First in the Feathers and Light Collection.

Sterling silver; amethyst
$265 + shipping, handling, and insurance






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