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Turquoise Horse Fetish Necklace. $375. SOLD.

Turquoise Horse Fetish Necklace 3 Resized

Clarita and Vera Tenorio (Kewa Pueblo) have created this single-strand fetish necklace out of dozens of tiny horses.  Each horse is carved out of blue turquoise with a pale, almost golden-colored matrix, and is accented with jet inlay eyes.  About 32″ long, the top of the strand is snugly wrapped with heavy-duty natural-fiber twine and accented with a single free-form turquoise stone.  The added pendant is a wholly separate piece:  a sterling silver water bird with a body of brilliant Morenci turquoise.

Turquoise; jet; sterling silver; natural-fiber twine
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Price reduced: $300 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Note: The Navajo-made pendant described above has been removed because of the situation detailed here, and the price reduced accordingly.

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