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Traditional Bow and Arrow Set With Quiver. $850.

Daniel Marcus Bow and Arrow Set with Quiver

This traditional bow and arrow set, crafted entirely by hand by Daniel Marcus (Taos Pueblo), is fully functional as a Native weapon and a stunning work of art. Bow and arrows alike are carved and whittled carefully from local wood, shaped and balanced for use. The bow string is made the old way, of dried sinew, and each arrow is wrapped tightly in sinew to hold the points. Arrowheads are made of razor-sharp metal. The quiver is truly a collector’s item: Buckskin, tanned entirely by hand to a soft white color and buttery-soft texture, it’s made with natural fringes of twisted buckskin accented with old bronze beads. Length 41 inches (dimensions approximate).

Wood, metal, feathers, sinew, buckskin, metal beads
$850 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply

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