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To Walk In Blue Skies and Warm Winds

Spider Woman Cuff Top View

Another week behind us, and another month, too, for the most part. Both have been unusually difficult here, filled with obstacles to progress and seemingly infinite sources of stress, and not a little sadness and loss, besides.

Now, we stand on several thresholds: a new week; a new month; tonight, a new full moo; in a sense, perhaps, a new season, as spring turns over from its early, wintry stage to its downward slope toward summer.

It is a time when the spirits of change are abroad, on the earth, in the air, in the waters. And wherever there are thresholds, wherever change hovers, so, too, are there gatekeepers and guardians, the governors of the spaces between.

Today’s featured work, long one of my all-time favorites, embodies just such a spirit: Spider Woman, tiny and yet immensely powerful, a being who, in differing guises, plays myriad roles across Turtle Island. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Spider Woman Cuff Side View

Spider Woman Cuff Bracelet

Our dreams are the threshold between our contemporary existence and ways much older than memory. In many traditions, Spider Woman is the gatekeeper of such thresholds, and today, we still use the gift of her web to protect our dreams. Here, her ancient power is embodied in this spectacular cuff, hand-formed from a single piece of sterling silver and adorned with stones of protection and power. Her eight legs, texturized by hand-stamping extend from the dazzling oval lapis cabochon that forms her body. Hand-cut, hand-stamped pincers and silver spacer beads accent the protective Skystone of Sleeping Beauty turquoise that forms her head. Another view shown below.

Sterling silver, lapis lazuli, and Sleeping Beauty turquoise
$1,200 + shipping, handling, and insurance


On this day, our skies are blue and studded with white clouds; there is water in the pond, the color of lapis; the earth is greening fast, suddenly lush and fertile. Tonight, moonrise will be full and bright. Personal losses notwithstanding, we have this day been given much anew, in no small part due to the small spirits whose powers keep our world balanced properly on its axis.

It is a time to cross thresholds, to walk in blue skies and warm winds with spirits large and small.

~ Aji









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