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“Timeless Earth” Earrings. $525. SOLD.

Timeless Earth Earrings

Even as time ticks steadily onward, a timeless earth reckons our days by the light. With these earrings, Wings pays tribute to the passage of time, and to earth’s transcendence of it. The pair is built around matched triangular cabochons of warm green turquoise in a soft, fertile shade, each stone marbled with beautiful earthy gold and brown matrix at the top. The cabochons are set into saw-toothed bezels and trimmed with delicate twisted silver. Each setting extends into hand-made jump rings, a hoop at top and a half-diamond shape at bottom; sterling silver wires attach to the upper ring, while the bottom links to a separate ring holding a sterling silver pendulum, three-dimensional and polished to a soft light Florentine finish. Each earrings hangs 1-7/8″ long (excluding wires); each cabochon is 13/16″ long by 3/4″ across at the widest point; each pendulum is 3/4″ long (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; natural green American turquoise (most likely from Colorado)
$525 + shipping, handling, and insurance










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