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Time to Let Our Spirits Dance

Love Dancing Earrings

It is spring at Red Willow, which means that we got two inches of snow overnight, all of which is gone by midday today.

It’s more snow than we’ve had most of the winter, though, so no one here is complaining. The only drawback on this day is that it was such a soft, heavy, soaking fall that the ground has turned muddy.

It’s a small price to pay in this sort of drought.

It reminds us, too, to celebrate the small things, even those that may at first seem inconvenient. Yesterday’s wind and cold, today’s dogs with muddy paws, all have conspired with the clouds to deliver a gift when it was most needed. That alone is cause for celebration.

But there are more reasons yet to dance.

Every day, we look around us at least once and marvel aloud that we are blessed to live in such a beautiful world. That, too, is a gift of the spirits, and one that it’s easy to take for granted. But in our spiritual traditions, the focus is not upon punitive vengeance, but upon honor, respect, appreciation. Celebration.

Thanksgiving is a part of each of these, and they are all components of thanksgiving, too. It’s a thread the runs all the way through the blanket of our lives, holding our days together: this notion that we are given much for which to be thankful, and showing gratitude to the spirits is an honorable way to live. There are many ways to do it — prayer, offerings, ceremony, feasting.

There is also dancing. We love dancing, and we engage in love dancing, too: for romantic love; for the love of community and clan; for the love of the spirits and to honor and thank them for the love they show to us. Today is a bit chilly, although that’s never stopped anyone. But even when there is no time to engage in physical dance, our hearts can dance for us as we go about our days.

And that, perhaps, is the greatest message of today’s featured work. It’s a pair of earrings that call to mind the shape of spirit beings swaying in the wind, dancing in the light. From their description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

Love Dancing Earrings

The spirits go love dancing in the light of a Pueblo sky. Wings summons their form and shape in these new earrings, coppery-red hearts wrapped in turquoise robes. Head and torso are formed of a matched pair of hearts as full and red as the iconic love they represent: red agate cabochons in the color of the metallic micaceous earth indigenous to this land, yet translucent as the glow of a Pueblo sunrise. Each is set into a scalloped hand-made bezel, with an organic tab extended at the top to hold delicate silver wires, and a jump ring attached at the lower point. Via a second set of jump rings, the lower body hangs suspended from the hearts: brilliant sky-blue triangular turquoise cabochons aswirl with coppery matrix as red as the hearts, each set into its own scalloped bezel and set adance in the light. Earrings hang 2.25″ in overall length (excluding wires); red agate heart cabochons are 5/8″ long by 9/16″ across at the widest point; turquoise cabochons are 1″ long by 9/16″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; red agate; natural blue turquoise (probably Royston)
$825 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Now that the clouds have mostly cleared, the sky has donned robes in this same turquoise. The sunrise was hidden by a dark gray veil, but tonight’s sunset will match the soft coral color of the agate, and its luminous quality, too. Our spirits are lighter already in anticipation of warmer winds to come, but the beauty of this day puts thoughts of gratitude front and center.

This is a spring, and it is time to let our spirits dance.

~ Aji










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