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“Thundering Sky” Anticlastic Cuff Bracelet. $1,450. SOLD.

Thundering Sky Anticlastic Cuff 1

The Skystone symbolizes the gift of the rain, drops hardened when they touch the earth. Sometimes, it embodies the storm, as well. Wings has wrought this extraordinary cuff from a turquoise cabochon of breathtaking beauty, rising above a sterling silver setting that captures the clouds. The stone is an oval of exceptionally high-grade webbed Kingman turquoise, of a quality that more closely resembles Lander, the world’s most valuable Skystone. The blue is an intense hue, nearly electric in its clarity and brilliance, marked by a fine, tightly woven black spiderwebbed matrix; bits of silvery-white pyrite scattered here and there shimmer like small bolts of lightning. A raised bezel holds the stone in a firm embrace, elevated above the band’s gently sloping edges. Thunderhead symbols chase the length of the cuff, converging and combining to create a repeating line of clouds whose shapes evoke a sacred space. Tiny butterflies flit across the inner band, small spirits who work in tandem with the rains to spread abundance. Band is 1.25″ across; cabochon is 1″ high by 5/8″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate). Another view shown below.

Sterling silver; high-grade black-webbed Kingman turquoise
$1,450 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Angled view:

Thundering Sky Anticlastic Cuff 2








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