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“The World at the Center of the Light” Earrings. $525. SOLD.

The World at the Center of the Light Earrings Resized

The old stories teach that the First People emerged into this world, the world at the center of the light. It is, in part, an evergreen world, with peaks that remain green even beneath the deepest snows. Wings pays tribute both the lush fertile colors of the earth and to the light in which they thrive with his newest earrings, a pair wrought in the traditional Pueblo concha style. Each earring is cut freehand in a flowering form, like a blossom with scalloped petals ringing its edge. From the center, hand-scored spokes radiate outward to end in tiny round hoops, each pair connected just inside each scalloped edge with a sunrise symbol, turning each paired scoreline into a ray of shimmering light. Each earring is domed from the reverse, repoussé-fashion, to form a traditional concha; the center of each is set with a spare, low-profile bezel holding a glossy round malachite cabochon in evergreen shades. The earrings are buffed to a soft, shimmering Florentine finish, and hang suspended from sterling silver wires.  Conchas are 1.75″ across and hang 1.75″ long (excluding wires); cabochons are 3/8″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; malachite
$525 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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