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“The Ways of Wind and Light” Cuff Bracelet. $1,100. SOLD.

We are bound to the ways of wind and light, like braids woven with silvered ribbons, never to unravel. With this cuff, Wings calls both element forces to the circle to show their strength and beauty. The band is formed of heavy nine-gauge sterling silver half-round wire, solid, substantial, with a graceful arc to the surface and a softly rounded edge. Across the center, evenly spaced, are three sets each of four parallel core marks, bold and deep, representing the winds and the sacred directions. Each set is joined the next via a single long scoremark incised on the diagonal, like the ribbons we use to bind and braid our hair in the old way, but here made of shimmering silver light. The freehand scoremarks are repeated on the sides and inside of the band, but joined instead with repeating motifs of tiny round sacred hoops; more sacred hoops, evenly spaced, adorn each rounded edge along the sides of the cuff. At either end, inside and out, are matched directional arrows formed freehand of bold, deep freehand scoring terminating in a single arrowhead point. Cuff is 6″ long by3/8″ across (dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver
$1,100 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Side 1 showing inner band:


Side 2:


Inner band:


Side 2 and inner band:


Edge of band:


Top view from opposite angle:









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