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“The Way of the Water” Earrings. $525. SOLD.


Spirits move and travel where they will, especially those who embody elemental forces. So its with water, which combines with gravity to flow, its progress altered and directed only by its fellow elemental spirit, earth. Wings gives form and expression to the way of the water with these earrings, simple traditional drops built around a spectacular pair of matched freeform boulder turquoise cabochons. Each stone manifests in the mottled shades of brown that evoke the rich earth of this place: warm chocolate colors marbled with taupe and ivory, accented here and there by veneers of rusty copper. Each stone is a virtual mirror image of the other, each bisected on a diagonal by a bold swath of sky-blue turquoise, wide rivers of water manifest more as sash than ribbon. The stones are set into simple scalloped bezels edged with twisted silver, the better to highlight their earthy, elegant simplicity. Each earring hangs 1-1/8 inches long by 1 inch across at the widest point, excluding wires (dimensions approximate).



Sterling silver; boulder turquoise
$525 + shipping, handling, and insurance



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