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“The Way of the Heart” Concha Wristband. $375. SOLD.

The Way of the Heart Concha Wristband Cropped

The way of the heart leads to the center of all things. Wings tracks its progression with this old traditional-style wristband crafted of heavy polished bridle leather and six sterling silver miniature conchas, each evoking the imagery of a journey within a broader hoop of stylized hearts and symbols of illumination.  The conchas are cut from sterling silver, filed smooth on the edges and lightly domed from the reverse, repoussé-fashion. Each is stamped in a unique design but retains features common to the others: four directional arrows arrayed at the Four Sacred Directions, pointing inward to the center of a sacred hoop created by edgework formed by sunrise symbols; stylized blossoms, stars, and heart with and without wings arrayed in individual conchas between the arrows, at the ordinal points. The geometry of each concha‘s stampwork hints vaguely at four embracing hearts rooted in the joining of the arrows, their openings aimed outward even as their tips, and those of the arrows, converge at the center of each small silver hoop. One the reverse of each concha is soldered a traditional solid sterling silver band, compressed inward to hold the leather securely even as it leaves room for adjustment. The band is hand-cut of heavy brown-black bridle leather, hand-beveled at each edge, and hand-stamped along its length in a buffalo pattern. At one end, the band is beveled to a point and capped with a sterling silver tab; at the other, matching buckle and keeper hold it in place. After purchase, holes will punched to fit on request. Band is 11″ in overall length and 3/8″ across; conchas are 3/4″ across (dimensions approximate). Close-up views shown below.

Sterling silver; brown-black bridle leather
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Concha close-up:

The Way of the Heart Wristband Concha Closeup


Leatherwork and buckle/keeper close-up (tab has since been added):

The Way of the Heart Wristband Leatherwork Buckle











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