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“The Waves and the Water Serpent” Cuff Bracelet. $1,800.

In a land where water is the First Medicine, the waves and the Water Serpent are powerful forces indeed. Wings summons them to dance in a silvered arc with this cuff, wide and eminently traditional in style. The borders are scored freehand; the sweeping curves within it are wrought with Wings’s own hand-made stamps, and the micro-stamping across its entire surface is equally freehand. Heavily oxidized to show n sharp relief, the stampwork evokes the crests and swells of the Great River, ripples and ebb and flow of the sacred lake, the light upon its surface, and all the elemental medicines the water midwifes into being. Across the inner band stretches a stylized evocation of the ancient Water Serpent, hand-hammered of the copper of which his body, in some traditions, is formed, head and tail coiled by hand into a perfect spiral. The entire cuff glows with a warm, gentle Florentine finish, like the waters in the low light of dawn and dusk. Band is 6″ long by 2-1/16″ across; hand-scored border is 1/8″ wide on all sides; copper spiral “serpent” on inner band is 4″ long (all dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; copper
$1,800 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Top view, reversed:


Side 1:


Side 2:




Side 1 with inner band:


Side 2 with inner band:


Front view:








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