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“The War Eagle” Coil Bracelet. $325. SOLD.


The Golden Eagle, the largest of the indigenous raptors that serve as messengers and guides, is known as The War Eagle. It is he whose presence instills courage in the hearts of the warriors, he who lends his powers of swiftness and accuracy to their efforts. Wings honors the great spirit bird with this coil in the colors of his feathered cloak: Small copper barrel beads at either end meet white-lip heishi, which is interspersed with lengths of African opal in bright golden yellow and rusty peach shades. Stretching up toward the center, brilliant, intense nuggets of translucent orange amber connect on either side with black-lip heishi, each length bisected at its center by a “wing” in the form of a fanned teardrop-shaped abalone nugget bead. At the center, like Eagle’s craggy face and beak, a series of highly-polished black obsidian chips stand out from the coil’s body. Memory wire expands and contracts to fit nearly any size wrist. Designed jointly by Wings and Aji.

Memory wire; copper; white-lip heishi; black-lip heishi; yellow and peach African opal; amber; obsidian
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance







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