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“The Square of the Moon” Cuff Bracelet. $275. SOLD.

The Square of the Moon Cuff Bracelet

The square of the moon is one small equation in the algebra of light, a fraction of the heavens and a decimal point in the night, an elemental part of the mathematics of the cosmos. We sit at angles to her, gradients and curves that change with time and day and season, and still she remains a constant in our world, a source of light and life itself. Wings pays tribute to this mathematics of the spirit world with a work from years ago, a part of his personal collection that he has chosen only now to release. Like the moon whose light we take for granted and the earth washed in her glow, it is formed of spare lines and essential curves, the most slender of strands of sterling silver forming a silken cuff bezel-set with a single old square of seafoam-green turquoise misted with golden whorls of light. The inner band is hand-stamped in a chased pattern of small round orbs, full moons and sacred hoops, alternating with the directional guidance of broken arrows. Combined, silver, stampwork and stone summon the spirits of earth and light and our relationship to and between them, set at angles, sometimes oblique, but always orbiting together as part of a greater whole. The band is one-quarter inch wide; the cabochon is set flush with the band, and is a matching quarter-inch square.

Sterling silver; old green turquoise
$275 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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