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“The Roots of Medicine” Cuff Bracelet. $1,300. SOLD.

The roots of medicine are all around us: in the earth beneath our feet, in the sky overhead, in the air and fire, wind and light. With this vintage-style cuff, Wings calls the roots from all directions to inspire us to create the medicine our world needs now. The work is wrought from a strand of heavy nine-gauge sterling silver triangle wire, scored freehand to create two narrow borders on either side of the apex.  Within those lines, its length is chased with an alternating pattern of flowering symbols and radiant motifs on each side. Each lower border is also scored freehand with scores of minute straight lines across its length; so, too, is each upper border and the apex itself, for hundreds of strikes of the jeweler’s hammer to create its radiant old-stye texture. The ends are hammered by hand and hand-filed smooth, as is the inner band, for a comfortably smooth finish, while the outer surface is heavily oxidized and buffed to a rich, aged Florentine glow. A single flowering medicine plant, etched freehand, adorns one flared end. The band is 6″ long by 3/8″ across; the cuff stands 5/16″ high from edge to apex; the hammered ends flare to 1/4″ across (all dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver
$1,300 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Side view of full band, upright:


Side 1:




Side 2:


Front view from other side:








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