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“The River of Stars” Wristband. $375. SOLD.


The River of Stars flows like water across the night sky. Some call it the Milky Way; others, the bridge to the other world; still others, a way of connecting earth with the place where the spirits dwell, bringing dreams and visions, prosperity and life itself to those of us who follow its path from far below. Wings pays tribute to its path and power with this wristband, one that, like the River of Stars, links the present with a much older cosmos. It begins with six old silver conchas from his private collection, rolled ingot hand-cut in an eight-petaled blossom pattern each centered by an eight-pointed star pointing to all directions. The stars are created in the negative, in a sense: Rather than overlaying or stamping them, each is firmed simply by deep vertical lines hand-stamped upward from the inner edge of each petal in a graduating pattern; the lower lines touch the points, while the longer ones at the apex of each set create the points’ inner connecting angles. The result is a series of stars that stand out in sharp relief, the lines creating an extraordinary ray-like quality emanating from their edges. Each concha is lightly domed in  the traditional fashion, with a loop soldered onto the back, then strung in sequence onto a narrow strip of thick brown-black leather hand-beveled at either edge. Hand-punched holes permit a broad range of adjustment of the ranger-style buckle and keeper closure; a narrow hand-beveled leather thong is woven through the loop to form the traditional tie. Wristband measures 13″ in total length and adjust to fit nearly any wrist, large or small; conchas are slightly wider than they are high, and measure 15/16″ across (dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.


Sterling silver; leather
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Side view, with buckle and tie:



Bottom view, with buckle and keeper:








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