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“The Place of Emergence” Collector’s Baby Spoon. $375. SOLD.

The Place of Emergence Collectors Baby Spoon front

Many Native peoples trace their origins to a place of emergence, a vortex or void deep in the earth or beneath the waters, from which their own First People arose eventually into the light of this world we collectively call Turtle Island. With this miniature collector’s spoon, one designed to mark the birth of a child, Wings pays tribute to this original emergence, and the one we all reenact at birth. Hand-cut and -formed of sterling silver, the spoon’s shaft ends in a representation of Grandmother Turtle, she who ensured the First People’s survival by holding the world on her back. Hand-stamped half-moon and spiral patterns on her shell evoke the waters, their waves and tides and whirlpools. Her tail points down the spoon’s shaft, on which rainclouds chase each other as they send their waters back toward the center of all things: the place of emergence, represented in the spoon’s round bowl by an encircling edge of lodge symbols pointing inward toward a vortex formed of four pinwheeling broken arrows. The reverse is unaccented save for subtle half-moon and water patterns down the length of the shaft. The spoon is polished to a subtle sheen, and is 3.25 inches long by 7/8 of an inch across at the bowl’s widest point (dimensions approximate). Reverse shown below.

Sterling silver
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance


The Place of Emergence Collectors Baby Spoon Reverse

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