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“The Path of the Stars” Warrior Woman Pin. $325. SOLD.

The Path of the Stars Warrior Woman Pin Front

In some traditions, the Sky Woman walks the path of the stars. Here, Wings pays tribute to spirits of her kind by way of the latest entry in his signature Warrior Woman series, created in memory of his mother, and in honor of women. Hand-stamping creates her regalia, a necklace of stardust beads and a traditional dress adorned with symbols of power: a pair of matched thunderhead symbols that reach to Sacred Directions, both cardinal and ordinal, and evoke the sacred space, each with a whirling vortex representing the Four Winds at the center. In her right hand, she carries the Skystone itself, a small round gem of blue so deep that it’s nearly indigo; in her left, she holds the moon, four stars scattered across its face. Over her shoulder, Serpent rests, his body formed from diamond-shaped facets that invoke Eyes of Spirit. On the reverse, Wings’s hallmark rests inside an overlay in the shape of the Morning Star. Reverse shown below.


Sterling silver; Sleeping Beauty turquoise
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance


The Path of the Stars Warrior Woman Pin Back








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