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“The Night Way” Necklace. $1,850.

The night way is the path of dreams, a bridge to other worlds lit by a billion stars. Wings braids darkness and path and light together in a single cosmos with this necklace, beads and pendant in all the shades of the night. The pendant’s focal point is a free-form black jade cabochon of otherworldly beauty, not quite a teardrop, big and bold and absolutely ethereal. It sits in the embrace of a scalloped bezel trimmed with twisted silver and hangs from a flared hand-made bail buffed to a velvet finish. Four tiny round hawk’s eye beads, midnight blue and chatoyant with bands of gold and silver, are threaded through the bail, anchor the ends, and are interspersed throughout with round beads of mysteriously luminous Labradorite. These smaller beads alternate with length of rounded onyx barrel beads in two sizes, both impossibly glossy with a color deep as darkest night; the smaller barrel beads are faceted all the way around their surfaces. Bead strand is 22″ long, excluding findings; Pendant and bail hang another 2-5/8″ long by 1-1/8 across at the widest point; visible area of black jade cabochon is 2″ long; bail is 7/16″ long by 3/8″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate). Close-up view of pendant shown below.

Sterling silver; black jade; onyx; Labradorite; hawk’s eye
$1,850 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Close-up view of pendant:








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