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“The Night Eagle” Necklace. $875. SOLD.

The Night Eagle Front Resized

The Night Eagle soars the skies from dusk to dawn, occasionally leaving behind a feather to bless the morning. Here, that feather manifests in a stunning specimen of Botswana agate, nested bands of color on a spectrum from black to gray to darkest brown to warm pale beige and white, all filtering starlight through their translucent lines. At its tip hangs the moon in the form of a tiny white moonstone of unusual chatoyance. Both stones are set into a singular hand-made bezel, featuring ajouré cutwork in an extended traditional design on the reverse, allowing the agate and the light it refracts to touch the wearer. The pendant hangs from a bold handmade bail featuring a repeating pattern of sacred spaces, suspended from hand-strung beads of hematite alternating with periodic pairs of olivella-shell heishi in the same deep golden brown found in the agate itself. The pendant hangs 3.25 inches long, including the 5/8″ bail; the strand of beads is 18 inches in length (all dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; Botswana agate; moonstone; hematite, olivella-shell heishi
$875 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Close-up, front:

The Night Eagle Front Closeup Resized


Close-up, reverse:

The Night Eagle Reverse Closeup Resized


Full view, reverse:

The Night Eagle Reverse Resized





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