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“The Moon, the Storm, the Waves, and the Tides” Warrior Woman Pin. $325. SOLD.

Mother Earth dances in the feminine power of the moon, the storm, the waves, and the tides. Wings calls them all into the circle with this entry in his signature series, the Warrior Woman. The pin is cut entirely freehand with the filament-thin blade of a jeweler’s saw, a few solitary traditional stamps used to evoke facial and other features and the cuffs at her wrists. Her regalia is formed of four thunderhead symbols arrayed in a conjoining cascade, moving with her body in the dance. Her right hand holds a crescent moon, deeply stamped with stylized arrowhead symbols that Wings uses to represent the waves of the waters, the First Medicine in which we are born. In her right hand she holds a representation of herself as Grandmother, the moon in full face via the shimmering icy white of rainbow moonstone, guiding the ebb and flow of larger bodies. Over her right shoulder sits a serpent wrought out of sterling silver pattern wire in an Art Nouveau-ish design in full flower, body coiled with all the prosperity that his kind represents. Pin stands 2.75″ high by 2 inches across at the widest point; the rainbow moonstone cabochon is 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; rainbow moonstone
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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