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“The Light Spirit” Necklace. $2,800. SOLD.

The Light Spirit Front

Here, the light is a living thing, a spirit being all its own: one that dances through our days as a child of Father Sun, aided by the powers of the elements and the four directions. Wings gives life to this spirit being in an extraordinary figurative piece wrought in sterling silver and ethereal labradorite. The upper oval cabochon, which forms her head, is of the blue-green form of the stone, evoking air and water; her body is a teardrop lit with golden brown, the colors of earth and fire. She wears a tablita headdress in the traditional stair-stepped shape. At its center rests a stylized Morning Star formed of arrows pointed to the Four Sacred Directions; the star is flanked by a pair of flowering sun symbols, themselves reaching to the cardinal points. The reverse is excised in an ajouré geometric shape that hints at both the sacred directions and the guiding Eye of Spirit, also flanked by stylized freehand motifs of the cardinal points. The teardrop-shaped lower pendant similarly features an ajouré oval on its reverse, so that the stones may rest against the wearer’s skin. Both pendants are set into scalloped bezels trimmed with twisted silver, against a subtle outline of stampwork in sunrise symbols to emphasize the power and effect of the light. The two-piece pendant connects via an adjoining hinge, allowing the work to move and dance in the light; changes in background changes the hues of the stones slightly, allowing the figure to move along the spectrum. The entire piece hangs from a hand-made bail hand-stamped in matched thunderhead patterns that point to cardinal and ordinal points simultaneously, and is suspended from a necklace composed of graduated combinations of sterling silver rondel and round beads, tapering to lengths of round Florentine-finish silver beads, and ending in short segments of glossy gray hematite rondels. The whole pendant, including bail, hangs 5.75″ in length and measures 2-5/8″ across at the widest point; the upper cabochon is 1.75″ across by 1-5/8″ high; the lower cabochon is 1-7/8″ long by 1″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate). Reverse shown below. Second in Wings’s new series, The Light Collection; coordinates with the Light In the Storm cuff bracelet found in our Bracelets Gallery. Joint design by Wings and Aji, in honor of Griffin, who was our spirit and our light.

Sterling silver; labradorite; sterling silver beads; hematite beads
$2,800 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Due to size, weight, and value, extra shipping charges apply


The Light Spirit Reverse








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