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“The Flames of Night” Necklace. $975. SOLD.

The flames of night illuminate the dream world. With this necklace, Wings summons layers of flames from silver and stone, the dark of the night and its  moonlight, too. the pendant is formed of four separate layers: two settings, one set of bezels, and one set of cabochons in graduated sizes. The setting layers are cut freehand of sterling silver, each a tripartite tendril of shimmering flame pointing downward, the base layer rounded on all edges save the point, the upper layer more geometric, linking two diamonds and a teardrop in descending sizes. Three plain, low-profile bezels sit at the center of each layered shape, and each is set with a highly domed square cabochon turned at an angle to form an Eye of Spirit: at the top, the wide deep onyx of night; at the bottom, the tiny lunar glow of a rainbow moonstone; and linking the two, a blood-red carnelian as the illuminating fire of visions and dreams. An organic sub-bail extends from the top of the pendant; the bail itself is formed of rolled and gently flared sterling silver pattern wire imprinted with a lyrical Art Nouveau floral pattern; the entire piece is gently buffed to an antique polish, a near-white just a shade off Florentine. The pendant hangs suspended from a brilliant, tightly linked sterling silver snake chain. Pendant is 2.5″ long (excluding bail) by 1-1/16″ across at the widest point; onyx cabochon is 3/8″ across; carnelian cabochon in 5/16″ across; rainbow moonstone cabochon is 1/4″ across; bail hangs 3/8″ long; snake chain is 19″ in total length (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; onyx; carnelian; rainbow moonstone
$975 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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