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The Color of Our Selves, the Fire of Our Suns

Carnelian Baby Bracelet

The morning is cool and bright, all green leaves and golden light. The projected high is 72, which means that we can expect it to reach 82; the official forecasts are nearly universally wrong anymore, always set a good ten degrees too low in the warm months, ten too high in winter.

This is, after all, a land of extremes.

Increasingly, the rest of the world is following suit, although that is not a natural occurrence — at least, not in the sense that it was the inevitable course of things. It is natural in the sense that any object, any spirit, can take only so much abuse before it changes in fundamental ways, down to shape and structure.

Survival will not come by adhering to the usual patterns.

We have an edge, of course: These lands are in our peoples blood and bone, spiraled into our very DNA. We are peoples born of a red sun, of earth and fire and air and water too, and we can call upon the knowledge of space and place scribed into our spirits and ancestral memory. When you are made of the land, and for it, too, it’s easier, more natural to walk in its rhythms, even as they turn and change. Now, with summer’s approach, we find ourselves living closer to this land again, just as we do in winter, our days lived according to the bright glow of the light.

Such thoughts put me in mind of one of Wings’s relatively recent works, one fitting in other ways, too: It was conceived as a baby bracelet, birthed to suit adulthood, too. It is the color of our selves, the fire of our suns. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Born of a Red Sun Cuff Bracelet

We are peoples born of a red sun. Wings honors its life-giving, life-sustaining power with three slender strands of silver braided together, flowing outward from a fiery carnelian orb. The outer strands are formed of slim lengths of half-round wire stretched gently outward at the center and bisected by a delicate strand of twisted silver, all three soldered securely together at either end. The outer bands are stamped with tiny wingéd beings that fly to the point where the band curves around the wrist, below which and extending to the ends are chased lightning patterns, summoning the imagery of those who hold the power of the storm. At the center, a glossy oval carnelian cabochon, all blood-red translucent fire, rests solidly in a saw-toothed bezel. At five inches in overall length, the bracelet is sized appropriately for small-wristed adults, youth, and children. Band is a half-inch across at the widest point; carnelian cabochon is a half-inch long by 3/8″ across at the widest point.

Sterling silver; carnelian
$425 + shipping, handling, and insurance

We have no storms imminent —  none, that is, save the negative storm of heat and wind and drought. In this place, those are often the hardest to survive.

The people of this place will do as they have always done, adapt their days and lives to the land itself.

And as waves of colonial habitation dash upon the rocks of an increasingly-dry Gorge, they will recede, fleeing once again for climate still more temperate, less harsh, less wearing upon body and spirit. Some of that ebbing has already begun.

And the people of this place, like our peoples of their places all across this land mass we call collectively, Turtle Island, shall do as we have always done.

We shall remain.

~ Aji









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