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“The Butterfly’s Song” Warrior Woman Pin. $325. SOLD.


The butterfly’s song is sung mostly out of reach of human hearing, but it shapes our world all the same. With the latest in his signature Warrior Woman series, Wings honors those whose song goes too often unnoticed and unheard, but whose work renews the world and all our lives. As always, she holds a moon in her left hand, this time adorned with new-blossoming petals; in her right, she carries an amethyst, the color of new dawn and twilight. Her dress bears the symbols of the winds and the sacred directions, with butterflies flying toward the center, carrying their song and their gift of pollination. A slender serpent hangs over her right shoulder, a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Pin stands 2.75″ high at the highest point by 2″ across at the widest point; cabochon is 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; amethyst
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance






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