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“The Breath of Life” Earrings. $155. SOLD.

Leaves and light are the breath of life, lush green combining with red flame in photosynthesis to produce the oxygen by which the world survives. Wings weds spheres of crimson fire and cool verdant shades in this cascading tribute to that which keeps us all alive. Each drop is strung on sterling silver and hangs suspended from delicate sterling silver earring wires. At the center of each, appropriately, sits the sun, spectacularly chatoyant sunstone spheres that refract the light. Each sunstone bead is flanked by a pair of dolomite orbs, small worlds mottled in shimmering ivory and peach and brick red webbed with rich earthy brown. Anchoring each earring at either end are pairs of tiny bloodstone beads, deep teal greens infused with the blue of air and sky and marbled with veins of pure crimson. Earrings hang 2.25″ long, excluding wires (dimensions approximate). Designed jointly by Wings and Aji. Part of The Standing Stones Collection.

Sterling silver; sunstone; dolomite; bloodstone
$155 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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