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Taos Pueblo: Ancestral Places, Sacred Spaces. The Silverwork.


Welcome to Wings’s online silverwork exhibition from his recent one-man show, Taos Pueblo: Ancestral Places, Sacred Spaces.

Below, you will find photos of each piece that was included in the exhibit.

Originally, we planned to use Wings’s own locked jewelry cases at the venue to ensure an attractive and secure display. To that end, we inserted small cards into lucite holders to be placed between the various silverwork pieces. Silverwork items were coordinated in groups according to their relationship to the show’s theme and subsidiary narratives. The cards provided background into Wings’s artistic vision in creating them and the relationship the pieces bear to the imagery in the photographs, as well as information on materials used and pricing.

Upon arrival, we found that they had readied the locked and lit case built into the beautiful coffee bar, where George R.R. Martin normally displays his Westeros collectors’ coins. It was an elegant solution, and displayed the some-forty separate pieces perfectly. However, it meant that no room remained for the cards, so we simply tagged the items and created a corresponding inventory list for the staff containing the information on the materials used and the price of each piece.

The photographs of the silverwork pieces include the original interpretive text associated each group, where applicable. Because the silverwork prices vary along a spectrum of some $1,200, costs of shipping, handling, and insurance will likewise vary by item and are not included here.

Finally, there are two silverwork pieces that will not appear here. They were originally intended for the show, but not for sale: They were exhibit gifts for our hosts, the venue owners. Wings did not get photographs of the two pieces before giving them; if the time comes that he is able to do so, they will be added here.

For now, come with us, and let us walk with you through this special collection of Wings’s silverwork.

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