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First full day of fall, and it’s a beautiful one. Where yesterday’s sky was a solid expanse of blue, unbroken by even the smallest cloud, this day dawned under a delicate haze of silver and gold, a webwork of white stretching across the sky. Now, at mid-afternoon, the clouds remain, softening both the blue and […]

If one goes by the colonial calendar, it’s technically summer for almost three hours yet. I had thought of featuring a work that has the word for that season in its name, although it’s equally well-suited to colder times of year. In the end, though, I decided that that would be better reserved for a […]

It’s the last full day of summer, at least in official terms, but it seems that autumn has already moved fully in for the duration. At 7:30 this morning, the mercury had risen to a balmy forty degrees, which means that on a night as clear as last night, it would have plunged to the […]

It’s another beautiful fall day, in defiance of the calendar’s protestations to summer: sun shining, wind chattering through the drying leaves, air cool and sharp. There is still haze in the air from fires distant and otherwise, and white clouds scud across the turquoise expanse, but our small world here glows golden in the light. […]

September nineteenth: Still technically summer, as the colonial calendar reckons such things, and yet the first chill bite of winter is here. Late yesterday, a bank of clouds began coalescing to the northwest, reaching slowly outward and upward, but never moving in. That changed with the fall of night; by full dark, the moon was […]

It’s a gorgeous early-autumn day, not a cloud in the sky until a few tiny puffs of white appeared to the south over the last half-hour. The clarity is imperfect; there is still a faint pall of smoke settled over the land and wrapped around the peaks. But even with the light haze, the days […]

The smoke haze returned overnight. I could see the plume beginning to grow and spread again at sunset, and now, after dawn, the yellow-gray pall has settled in around the peaks and over the land. The air is cold this morning, still at the upper end of the forties well after sunrise. By midday, when […]

Clear and breezy today, and incredibly hot. The long-range forecast suggests that the highs will begin dropping a few degrees starting Saturday, but we know better than to bet on it. Still, even with the unseasonably hot days, the nights are already growing cold as their hours lengthen and the daylight shortens perceptibly. The links […]

At last, most of the smoke haze has been driven out beyond the peaks, a gift of last night’s trickster winds. The air is not perfectly clear, particularly to the south, but that’s not new. Up here, at least, we can finally see the mountains’ faces once more. It’s a bit cooler today, too, that […]

At long last, we have a mostly clear early autumn day. There was plenty of haze still here at dawn, but a brisk breeze has spun it up and mostly out beyond the peaks now — a development that means the peaks finally clearly in view for the first time in days. We are just […]

The day is bright, sky mostly clear, a lively breeze rippling through the drying leaves . . . and a smoky gray haze is turning the golden light to silver now. Fall is supposed to be a time of near-perfect clarity here, one of sharp angles and lowering sun, of long shadows scribing the earth […]

It’s another bright hot day wrapped in haze, the pall of wildfire smoke having locked in low over the land now. Between the haze and the heat, it doesn’t feel much like fall. Oh, I know the colonial calendar insists that it’s still summer, but there are other ways of reckoning season and time, and […]

It’s another ostensibly clear day, not a cloud for a hundred miles around . . . and yet our small world is gray, shrouded in a shimmering silver haze of ash and smoke. The chill morning air is keeping the pall close, no wind to speak of capable of breaking it up and blowing it […]

It has been a week that has at once seemed incredibly long and difficult and also seemed to fly by a top speed. That’s the nature of things as winter approaches, of course: As the daylight hours grow shorter and nights colder, the pressure to get things done becomes a tangible, palpable thing. We are […]

Yesterday, almost immediately after posting yesterday’s all-new featured work, I was summoned outside. A couple of tasks needed doing from the shade of the front deck, and I set to work as rapidly as possible, hoping to get out of the unseasonably high heat in short order. And then the mourning cloak appeared. I had […]

The sky is blue this day, though you’d barely know it. You certainly couldn’t call this day clear by any measure, despite the fact that not a single cloud yet dots the sky. For three or four days now, a new wildfire has been burning near El Rito, some small distance west and south of […]

Today feels much more of summer than of fall, despite the pre-dawn chill. The mercury has skyrocketed hard and fast, and a shimmering pall of ash and smoke hovers over the land now, having drifted in from the wildfire at El Rito that has gone unreported for three days despite its obvious presence. It’s only […]

Early September: hot, bright, mostly clear save for the persistent haze of smoke. It’s an absolutely beautiful day today, and yet just beneath the surface there thrums a feeling of anxious waiting, of breath held in abeyance. It’s not just us who feel it; we can see the birds gathering, some refueling before their next […]

The middle of a long weekend, and the morning sun is heavy and hot. The air doesn’t hold that flawless clarity of fall, but only a few puffy white clouds are adrift across the sky. It’s going to be a day to try to stay cool. Meanwhile, the fields continue to burn, the grass shrivels […]

Four days into the new month, and the clouds cannot make up their collective mind as to what to do or where they are supposed to be. Our forecast predicted less of a chance of rain than on most recent days, and yet twice we fund ourselves at work beneath a few scattered tiny drops […]

The remnant spirits of summer are fading fast now, chilled by sharp autumn winds and plunging nighttime lows. It’s a beautiful irony that as the sun’s arc grows short and the leaves and petals wither, our small world here grows brighter by the day, earth and sky alike awash in golden fire. It’s all temporary, […]

September has arrived on the waves of the storm. No, I’m not talking about the Northeast, flooded with the fallout from Hurricane Ida, although there’s certainly that, too. But I’m referring to something much closer to home: yesterday’s weather here, extraordinary by any standard, but particularly for the first day of September. Normally by now, […]

September first: by meteorological measures, the first day of fall. Oh, I know colonial “science” disagrees, but Indigenous ways of knowing the world over have long seen equinoxes and solstices for what they really are: tuning points, not starting points. The land certainly agrees; autumn has been with us for weeks now, sharing space with […]

The last day of meteorological summer, and our small world here is locked in a dusty metallic haze. Oh, dawn was mostly clear, only a few shirred bands of iridescent coral adrift above the eastern peaks, But even the blue skies this morning have been pale, seemingly leached of color but in fact veiled instead […]

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