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Despite the forecast, it turned chilly yesterday, wind rising and clouds gathering in close.  By evening, they delivered a short, staccato shower, just enough to settle the dust and lend a new edge to the night air. Today dawned a little colder, but now, at mid-morning, the air is warm. The swallowtail is back, fluttering […]

I thought I saw a monarch yesterday, floating on the wind between studio and stall: wings like the summer sun, pure orange fire edged in the colors of day and night. It might have been a viceroy, but I think not; it seemed just slightly too large for the lesser gentry of the butterfly realm. […]

It is warm today, and hazy: Smoke, presumably from the fire in El Rito Canyon, has moved in to enclose the valley in a pale yellow veil. The haze has not descended low enough here yet to drive the wild creatures to seek shelter; birds and bees and butterflies are all busily engaged in the […]

There are more clouds today than yesterday, more haze to hold the heat close to earth. The haze is likely mostly a byproduct of the small wildfire being monitored to our north and the controlled burn to the southeast of here, but it gives the air a slightly otherworldly shimmer. Fire is word that tends […]

We have spent most of today on the run, but it has been a beautiful day for it: warm, clear, calm, with the clouds only now, in mid-afternoon, just beginning to rise over the peaks to east and south. It feels as though summer is at last ready to keep its promise to the earth. […]

It is at last warm today, albeit not, perhaps, for long: The heavy damp air of morning is fast being driven out by a rising breeze. We can only hope that it remains something less than a wind, enough to ensure that the warmth remains throughout the day. Walking up the drive toward the gate […]

Clouds this morning, even a brief but steady rain. Both are more welcome than the chill that has accompanied them. Circumstances have forced me out of the house for the better part of the day, and it’s just that little bit too cold to sit outside and work; I am consigned to the studio doorway, […]

Today has dawned almost entirely clear, the only evidence of yesterday’s wildfire smoke a faint haze on the western horizon. Today, we can see the peaks again, and it’s possible to breathe mostly uninterrupted. Yesterday’s sunrise was muted, a gray-gold veil of suffocated light. By last night, as hoped, the wind had shifted, the setting […]

After last night’s beautiful clarity, a night when the crescent moon shone like silver in the northwest sky, we awakened this morning to a heavy red-brown haze in the air. Somewhere, a fire is burning. There are apparently no prescribed burns nearby today; no known wildfires, either, if this morning’s fire status report is to […]

Mid-morning, and the mercury is already well into the mid-seventies: clear skies, a gentle breeze, and fluffy white pollen drifting through the air like stardust. The only clouds in the sky are those at the horizon, and if the forecast holds, we can expect a clear night. Of course, we thought the same yesterday, and […]

It is bright again today, a world of clear skies and sun. The clouds that are building, still fluffy and white for the moment, are infused with a slightly luminescent effect, as though light and sky conspire to filter a blue radiance through their mass. Tonight, the skies will be clear again, and at last […]

June fifth, and while it is all rain down here, there is new snow falling on the peaks, all beneath a sky as white as the world of dreams. It gives the world outside the window a surreal quality, as though the day is not quite here, having been caught suspended somewhere between night and […]

In summer, the dark is a beautiful thing: soft, cool, gentle. At this time of year, we don’t get full dark, without even the faintest glow in the western sky, until after 11 PM. On these nights leading up to the summer solstice, true darkness arrives with midnight. Last night was just a little bit darker […]

The first days of June, and the first day of a new moon. It occurred at one second shy of 4:03 AM local time (allowing for the warping of Daylight Savings Time, of course). At that hour this time of year, the sky to the east is already beginning to lighten, sufficient to turn the […]

We do not yet have anything approaching “summer,” not as we typically understand the term here. Oh, the rainy season is here already — or, perhaps more accurately, the stormy season, since our monsoonal storms tend to fleeting and often mostly bereft of actual rain — but the temperatures have yet to catch up with […]

Yesterday, the mercury finally rose well past seventy, nearing eighty by day’s end — confirmation at long last that we really have moved closer to the sun. Now, at dawn, the skies are clear, the air shimmering, a world of green and golden light glowing beneath a sun that has just crested the peaks. It […]

At last, we are slated for some spring-like weather. Well, that’s true only if the forecast holds, but for the moment, it looks promising: The only clouds drifting around the horizon remain, at least for now, small, puffy, and white. It’s been a chilly spring, and with summer now literally just around the corner, we […]

The clouds are here in layers this morning, pleated like chiffon, a dusky blue veil before the face of the rising sun. Rain is supposed to arrive later, but for now, a mix of wan light and shadow washes over the flowering green earth. Our unseasonal weather here has brought us an unusual mix of […]

Summer is just around the corner, but you wouldn’t know it from our weather. It’s cold and blustery again today, bright sun interspersed with roiling black banks of clouds there, high winds and scattered showers moving through intermittently. As midday passes into the full of the afternoon, the world outside the window seems mostly gray. […]

Sunny today, at least for the moment, but still unseasonably cold. Part of it is the wind, which mostly arrived late this year. Part of it is a very early start to monsoonal weather patterns, which can drop temperatures by double digits in the beat of a bird’s wing. Yesterday, the mercury rose at least […]

The sun shines bright today, but the wind is rising; the warmth will vanish in the teeth of it soon. Yesterday morning when I arose, I looked out the west window watched the fleeing of the night: blue-black skies slowly fading to rose and pale gold and finally silvery white. It reminded me, in a […]

At long last, it is warm today. Just after ten A.M., and the mercury is reaching for seventy; at this rate, the high will far surpass the forecast 71. The skies are a clear bright blue, only one band of white clouds near the north-northwest horizon, and the wind is no more than a gentle […]

The day dawned cold, mercury hovering below the freezing mark, but it has blossomed into one of pure sunlight. There are, for once, no clouds in the sky, the wind no more than a steady breeze. And the air is so impossibly clear that the colors of our world have intensified, blues and greens in […]

Spring here wears many robes: those more properly belonging to winter, those of summer, and occasionally even the sharp clear air of autumn; those of storm and smoke; those of clear hard skies and a trickster wind; those of water and those of fire. It’s not that the season cannot decide who or what it […]

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