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The seventeenth of August, and this morning, the fire maple’s uppermost leaves are all crowned with scarlet. We are witness now to an early dance with dormancy’s small death in the middle of this late flowering of land and sky. The latter is “late” only by the timing of their appearance relative to earlier blossoms; […]

The day carries the spirit of Indian summer here, fall’s sharp edge riding the wind, but enough hazy, the mercury rising to oppressive enough highs to incur a warning for the weekend. We’ve had a sufficiently good monsoon season to make high temperatures, for the most part, suddenly new and unusual again, and the Weather […]

Monsoon season seems suddenly to be tapering off in the face of fall’s just as sudden early arrival. On all days save one this week, we have had at least a little rain, but it’s been mostly a little, not a lot. This is rare for this season, or at least it used to be. […]

Clear skies and air, fall riding the edge of the wind, and still we are granted the gift of passing nighttime storms. Two, in fact, last night, complete with thunder and lightning, but it was mostly light and sound, little fury. Today, we awakened to coral-colored skies, pale and entirely free of clouds, at the […]

Fall came this morning with the dawn: only a visitor of a few hours’ duration for now, but for that time here in full, all the same. It was perceptible in the movement of the leaves on the trees, in the clear dry chill on the edge of the wind, in the pale pure blue […]

For nearly a week now, the air has carried that hint of autumn on its leading edge. It’s nothing too concrete, especially in a season that swings wildly between oppressive heat with measurable humidity and the icy clear chill that follows the monsoon, within the space of a day, a few hours, sometimes even a […]

Most of the wildflowers bloom later in the season here: Unlike the lands my own call home, elevation and late cold conspire to keep the land largely free of most blossoms until at least midsummer. It’s not true, of course, of those blossoms that appear on trees, or on bushy stands like sagebrush buttercup; by […]

Mathematicians and physicists of certain stripes love chaos theory; so do certain types of social scientists. Oversimplified, it means that processes that appear random actually have an underlying structure, albeit a chaotic one. It’s made the leap from the various sciences now to faddish business and human resources approaches, among other things. Most of the […]

I’m old enough to remember the Florid tourism industry’s marketing campaign touting it as the land of liquid sunshine (and, yes, I know there are other places around the world that lay claim to the same title).  Here, though, on nearly the other end of the country? In summer, this is, truly, the land of […]

As I stepped out of the truck this morning, a monarch flew past dipping right in front of my face as if to say, I’m here, and I want you to see that I’m here. It has not been our only resident in recent days. We seem to have the full complement this year of […]

I don’t often feature individual entries from most of Wings’s various signature series in this #ThrowbackThursday space. The reason’s obvious: They all hold to similar general outlines, the difference lying in the details. Of course, with Wings’s work, the details are always different, always unique, always uniquely animated and inspired and inspirited, but it’s not […]

Today dawned clearer than most recent days, the air crisper, just that hint, already, of fall in the air. It’s less to do with wind or aridity, perhaps, than with the angle of the light. There comes a point here, at every season, when the earth has moved just that minutest bit forward that it […]

Moments ago, a ninety-degree sun beat down upon us mercilessly, air so oppressively heavy that even the hummingbirds had retired from view. Now, the thunderheads that have been building on all sides all day long have suddenly gained the sun, veiling it in shades of iron and violet. The wind has not yet risen, and […]

Our climate and weather patterns have been wholly upended, and yet there are grounds for hope. At this time last year, hope seemed entirely out of reach, faith impossible to hold. There had been no rain, none at all, and the earth was burning. It wasn’t merely the threat of area wildfires, always one of […]

In this place, summer is a dance of the whirlwind spirits, spiral animated by the power of summoning storms. Such medicine was on full display last night, rotating winds sending the rain lashing the house on all sides before settling into a steady downpour to last near the whole of the dark hours. Such rains […]

The forecast has been mostly right in recent days, if sometimes only just technically, no more than a few random drops here and there. Yesterday was another story, with a classic monsoonal cloudburst that settled into a steady rain of a short but decent length. But three and four days ago, the skies were busy […]

On this very day many years ago, not so very far away as the crow flies, but on the lands of another people, I witnessed the power of a holy man’s prayer: calling clouds; invoking the rains. It was during an intertribal powwow hosted by a different nation on the west side of the state, […]

The summer sky is medicine. The spirits of sky at this time of year are beings to be called, welcomed, invoked, gathered, their gifts channeled and directed and put to use for good. It’s a time when the storms unleash their fury for the good of us all, warriors armed with lightning and thunder phalanxed […]

There is supposed to be no chance of rain today, but the clouds are amassing at this very moment, while on the radar map, long lines of storms arc across central and western Arizona on their way toward us. At the moment, the air is just shy of perfectly still, only the smallest movement of […]

Outside are clear but hazy skies; the air is hot and heavy. The clouds drift around the horizon in a daisy-chain pattern, linked, yet not ready to amass in any more collective formation. The moon at dawn was a marvel, the thinnest of silver scythes blading the amber eastern sky. Tonight will be the last […]

Amid the storms of summer, it’s easy to forget that on clear nights, the skies put on a light show. Last night was supposed to be peak viewing of the month-long Delta Aquarids meteor shower. They will be visible for some time yet, overlapping with the arrival of the returning Leonids, but slightly less visible. […]

Yesterday evening, the storm returned — just enough for a light five-minute shower here, but also enough for a beautiful celestial performance that lasted the whole of the sunset. The wind drove in hard from the northeast, sending the storm that shrouded the peaks rapidly southward to meet up with a small but growing system […]

Yesterday delivered to us, for what was really the first time this season, a genuine monsoonal storm: mid-afternoon beneath lowering skies, the heavens suddenly opening with apocalyptic fury. Such storms used to begin in the west here, and as they traveled, they would ricochet off the mountains and return to us from the east for […]

It rained again last night, two brief showers over a period of hours. Today, though, the forecast includes a flash-flood watch between noon and midnight. It’s a measure of how capricious the weather is here this time of year: Forty- to fifty-degree temperature swings from the early hours of the morning to late afternoon; even […]

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