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The big day is over, the so-called “season of love” now past for another year. Or so the dominant culture would have us believe, as it rushes headlong toward the next commercially-profitable “holiday.” For us, it’s just getting started. This is the downward slope of winter, a time when the Pueblo closes itself off to […]

The days are longer now, but the light remains a precious commodity here. Winter has plenty of life left in it, life that will last long after the spring equinox a little over a month away yet. On days such as this, with a new storm moving steadily toward us, even when the sun manages […]

There is a feeling of abeyance about this day — of an unsettled waiting, as though our small world here hangs suspended between two realities. A scarlet dawn foreshadowed the present version, unreal as it seems: unseasonal high temperatures and more than a hint of spring upon the air. Meanwhile, clouds more typical of midwinter […]

After the caprice of yesterday’s weather, marked by wave after wave of small furies of snow and sleet, today has dawned impossibly clear and cold. It’s one of those mornings when the mercury falls, rather than rises, in the moments when the sun comes up, a day when warmth is as scarce as the food […]

In this place, what constitutes Indigenous (and indigenous) land stretches far beyond what the dominant culture envisions when it considers the phrase. That’s not the phrase, of course: Outsiders think of “the reservation,” occasionally “the rez”; less often, “the Pueblo,” and on occasions rarer still, the more basic but more inclusive “tribal lands.” That’s when […]

This morning, dawn seems a pale pretender compared to the fire of last night’s dusk: no more than a faint glow in a fading sky, like an ocean of ice tinted with the faintest hint of copper at the edges. That will change before nightfall; a phalanx of thin clouds hovers at the southwest horizon, […]

It is the sun that is the heart of the sky: Its light sets the whole world dancing. I was reminded of this truth again this morning. I’m usually up hours before the dawn, but multiple travel days this week, along with a great many other tasks and pressures, left me sufficiently exhausted that I […]

Cold. That’s not unusual for February here — more the norm, actually, despite the dangerous warming trend of the pats couple of years. But the unseasonal warmth has, predictably, lulled us into complacency; we’ve forgotten just how cold — and dangerous — “cold” can be. These are days to stay indoors by the fire, but […]

Yesterday’s storm materialized while we were away. It was, in fact, the same driving snow we encountered where we were, but by the time it reached our land it had gathered force and ferocity. We chased the storm all the way home, but it moved with greater speed, leaving behind evidence of a brief but […]

As I write, it’s still near-full dark, only the faintest hint of a paler shade of midnight in the eastern sky. Dawn comes late and fast now: One moment, the world is wrapped in night; the next, full gray light washes over the land from a sun fully up but locked behind a wall of […]

Even with Sunday’s rainbow, we have seen several days of indecisive weather here at Red Willow. The forecast repeatedly calls for snow and storm, only to see the meteorologists forced to backtrack daily. At the moment, the sky outside the window is several shades of blue, from the crisp cornflower of a clear winter’s day […]

Two days ago, the perfect midpoint of winter; next week, a holiday named for the theoretical patron saint of lovers. Yesterday, a gift of love from the cosmos. It’s been odd enough awakening, so many bitterly cold mornings this season, to a world wrapped in fog. Fog usually requires a bit more ambient warmth than […]

The day dawned gray beneath the weight of low dense clouds, the kind that carry snow. These are, if the radar map is to be believed, only the leading edge; the extended forecast shows wave after wave of storms traveling our way to deliver falling water or drifting snow, depending on the mercury’s whim. In […]

Perfect midwinter, and it feels like spring. This is not, of course, a good thing here: We need far more snow than we’ve had; the already near-bare peaks are proof of that. But as my body evinces less tolerance for extreme cold, the warmer air (currently settling in at a wholly unseasonal 51) is perversely […]

As I write, it is still full dark, the only light in the sky that of a million icy stars and the orange glow of a rising crescent moon. No hint as to the color of the dawn, although in this perfect clear cold, we can predict with some assurance how it will appear: midnight […]

The day began clear and cold, beneath the silver of crescent moon and Venus dancing side by side. Such clouds as tarried in the south and west turned rose with the dawn, then vanished in a whisper. The sun gained the ridgeline, and the day turned to mud. This is the bedeviling aspect of winter […]

While the middle of the country shivers in the depths of an Arctic freeze, we bundle ourselves against more ordinary cold. Here, overnight lows hover near zero, with wind chills several degrees below zero until well after the sun crests the ridgeline. This is winter here, and as our norms go, it’s still rather a […]

I awakened this morning to a world the color of charcoal. In the predawn hours of winter, the sky is normally pure jet, clear and sharp-edged, beaded with the shimmering light of a thousand thousand diamonds. On this day, we were wrapped in fog as thick as a blanket, the headlights on the highway not […]

The forecast seems to have been much ado about nothing. The day broke without a cloud in the sky, the clear perfect turquoise of winter. By mid-morning, the clouds had begun to build . . . from the opposite direction that that which the predictions anticipated. Even so, they have kept themselves at home among […]

What a difference, as the saying goes, a day makes. Yesterday morning, the forecast for Monday loudly proclaimed a 90% chance of snow; this morning, that estimate was cut quietly and sheepishly by two-thirds. In the hours since, it’s climbed again from 30% to 40%, but it’s a far cry from the sure thing the […]

A week out from true midwinter, and not a cloud in the sky. The heavens are not the lazuli of the storm but the pale cornflower of a clear desert day. It would be hard for outsiders to believe that more snow is allegedly only 48 hours distant. That, as it happens, is not effect […]

Some days, everything seems impossible. The wind rises before daylight; sun and cold contest for primacy, the latter stealing breath and numbing skin even as the former turns the snow to muck. Much of the ground is a quagmire now, frozen red earth turned to a cold, wet mass of muddy suction, interspersed here and […]

Near-cloudless skies and fierce cold, and yet the sun is strong enough to create a spectacular thaw. The plowed portions of the land are shedding their white robes rapidly now, the earth beneath turning fast to mud. And still, the cold air preserved much of that which we have not had in any real measure […]

Dawn is breaking, and the world is impossibly cold. The mercury has dropped three degrees since I got up; the wind chill, four: It is now four degrees above zero, with a wind chill index of minus-seven. If yesterday’s pattern holds, the winds will rise with the sun. For now, the midnight blue of the […]

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