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Summer is most assuredly here: temperatures very hot, winds high and air and earth alike unutterably dry. The extended forecast predicts rain for next week, but recent history tells us not to pin our hopes on such projections. Desert peoples know well the dangers of dehydration. Our Mother Earth, here, at least, is suffering badly […]

When Mother Earth meets Father Sky, the result is beauty, harmony, medicine, and a near-indescribable power. Our themes this week have explored Mother Earth as Earth Mother, but in our cosmologies, her relationship to her partner is essential for a healthy, well-rounded world. As I was contemplating what to choose for today’s #TBT featured work, […]

We are one with the earth: We are of the land, and the land is of us. I will hazard an assertion, and a not very hypothetical one, that this is true of all of our peoples. Whether or not we share origin stories of emergence from it, a birth directly from Mother Earth’s own […]

Summer arrives fully two days from now. Here at Red Willow, its full emergence will transpire under cover of darkness, in the indigo hours just before the dawn. It is an irony of the dominant culture that birth should be so inextricably bound to death, emergence to decline: After all, as of Thursday evening, the […]

Summer — the official start of the season — is now just under three days off. Three days to a shortening of the light. How odd, the way we humans classify things (or at last how the dominant culture does it, frantically sorting and labeling and categorizing and pigeonholing): The first day of summer, the […]

Yesterday’s storms are indecisive today: Most have long since moved eastward, but the morning’s clouds continue to lag behind, amassing, separating, reforming in low ceiling overhead. Today the gentle winds are bringing down the sky, into the embrace of an earth still in need of its rain. In days such as these, a marked worsening […]

At long last, after days of repeated monsoonal activity that spins out, goes around us, or simply fizzles altogether, we have rain. It’s real rain, too: from stormy skies, braided blue ribbons of rain, the kind that wind around the surface of the earth in heavy, steady, gentle rivulets, bringing the blue-gray storm clouds down […]

Here in this small corner of the world, with the warm winds’ arrival come days lived out of doors. Some of it is recreational, of course, but much of life here at spring’s end involves work: crops, gardens, livestock, hunting. Some of it is traditional, close to or actually ceremonial in nature, but it remains […]

We went from turquoise skies to funnel clouds yesterday, a spiraling, whirling storm that danced around us on all sides, battering us with high winds before spinning out. Despite the heavy gray mass of clouds stalled overhead, the storm refused to deliver so much as a drop of rain. Today, we have blue skies once […]

The mercury neared one hundred yesterday, and still earth and wind were dry as ash and bone. This morning, the graying bank to the west appears to have clouds mixed with the smoke of several wildfires. Small white puffs scud across the remainder of the hazy blue vault, like dreams adrift upon a summer sky. […]

Taos Pueblo in summer is a place of turquoise skies and red-gold earth, of towering clouds and towered roofs, of shadows and lines scribed upon dusty soil by the sun. Here at Red Willow, the oldest continuously inhabited community in the whole of Turtle Island, the earth itself reaches daily for the sky. Sometimes, they […]

A new week, and a new veil of smoke has settled in around us, a threadbare yet heavy blanket wrapped around us in the heat. The air is dry, the earth drier still, and the wildfires that edge around the far borders of our small world here remain no small threat. It’s not just the […]

Spring’s end, and we are still in the throes of allergy season here. It’s grass pollen time, which is actually not so bad this year. We have this interminable drought to thank for that. The drought has not much affected the trees, though, save to cause them to leaf later than usual this year. Which […]

I missed the sunrise this morning; when I awakened, the world was already wash in golden light. But I already know that we can look forward to the gift of a fiery sunset. This is the “sunset season” here in our small corner of the world. It’s tied directly to three factors, two of which […]

We awakened this morning to news of a celebrity’s suicide. Wings and I are not much given to celebrity culture in any form — our own cultures caution against the making of heroes —  but there are a few individuals whose body of work has been sufficiently outstanding to find a place in our lives, […]

The moon is now in its waning crescent phase, light dimmed to that which remains visible in semi-profile. Still, here on our small bit of earth, away from the lights of the town, that is more than enough: It’s still possible to go outside in full dark and, once the eyes adjust, see the sleeping […]

The mercury passed ninety yesterday for the first time this year. It was also the first day in which we needed no fire in the woodstove, neither in the morning nor at night. The Solstice is still just over two weeks off, but summer is here. Despite the drought, the wild flora here are mostly […]

They say the spectrum holds all the colors of the light; our mere human eyes are merely incapable of distinguishing most of them. In the natural world, seeing the rainbow is generally the closest we get to perceiving their range and diversity, banded in a luminous, intensely-hued arc that manages to be spectral in more […]

After a few days more gray than not, today is brilliantly sunny and largely clear. What clouds accumulate over the course of the day will collaborate at day’s end with the setting sun, lighting summer’s fire. Of course, we have fires of other sorts not much distant, the sort that need extinguishing, and soon. But […]

We awakened this morning to a wall of sunstruck lapis clouds in the west, a tantalizing harbinger of the accuracy of today’s forecast. Now, Father Sun has concealed himself behind their ranks, their iron-gray bases having moved overhead to deliver the first few drops of smoke-scented rain driven on a hard west wind. We can […]

After a week of lazuli skies, this day’s light is gray, filtered through a heavy blanket of smoke enfolding us on all sides. It is a trickster’s gift, one delivered overnight by the whirlwind spirits: proof of life of the wildfire some forty-five miles to the east. Tomorrow’s forecast currently predicts an eighty percent chance […]

Today’s featured work is one I have always associated with winter, for obvious reasons: not only the work’s name, but the clear cool colors, an earth seemingly blanketed in snow, and the shaggy winter coats of the buffalo themselves. Now, though, as our world turns beneath a slowly waning moon by night, a hot dry […]

Rain is predicted for Sunday, but between now and then, it’s all dry hot air. The winds have yet to give way to softer summer breezes here. We can’t complain; despite the twister that tore off our stable’s roof, we have had far less wind consistently than is usual for spring here. Unfortunately, we’ve had […]

Over the past twenty-four hours, we have be blessed with a series of celestial displays here: a brilliantly clear sunset followed by the rise of a full golden moon; a dawn filtered through shimmering clouds that parted to make way for cornflower skies; and now, the slow buildup of monsoonal thunderheads among white wisps that […]

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