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The last couple of days have been this season at its most extreme: heat, cold, sun, snow, and most of all, that punishing trickster wind. It comes from all directions, battering psyche and spirit as much as body, taking pride in keeping our world here off-balance and seemingly no small amount of joy in its […]

Sometimes, the world’s heartbeat makes itself heard upon the notes of a percussive wind. Forecast notwithstanding, the air was mild yesterday, with little more than a stiff breeze . . . until early evening. About five o’clock, the gale blew up in a matter of seconds, beating a dangerously insistent rhythm upon our small world […]

Some days, it doesn’t matter how firmly you plant your feet on the ground. The winds will pick you up, toss you toward the sky, and scatter your spirit to the four directions. This is that season, that time, that weather. Spring at Red Willow is as unsettled and unsettling as it gets. Add in […]

At long last, we have a day of relative calm, at least with regard to the elements. We have virtually no wind; only the slightest flutter of breeze occasionally. The skies are blue, the light silver . . . and the earth, at last, is increasingly lush and green. Only the aspens have yet to […]

Here at Red Willow, the color of the day is not red, but a dirty grayish-brown. The peaks to the south are barely visible through the haze; to the north and east, they appear through a thick veil that looks like smoke. By day’s end, they, too, will be wrapped in a shroud of blowing […]

There are days when being earthbound seems not so much a pleasant proposition. Normally, at this time of year, we would be at the mercy alternately of the mud and of the winds. Lacking any real winter, this year we have only the latter to torment us, but they carry with them walls of dirt […]

After two days of unutterable cold, the air is warming again. The mercury drop was not as drastic as it seemed, of course; it’s only by comparison to the temperatures of three or four days ago, well into the seventies, that the air has seemed so frigid now. It’s a shock to the system, ours […]

Yesterday was ice; today, we will slowly make our way back to fire. Here, spring is the season when the elements hold sway over even the smallest aspects of our lives, and the elemental powers with them: A high near eighty one day can revert to lows in the teens in the space of a […]

The color of the light on this morning is white: flurries seemingly out of nowhere, dark gray skies filtering a glow neither gold nor silver, but an elemental fire the color of molten snow. Not much has changed in the hours since. The snow is only flurries, of course, and only intermittent, but they come […]

This week heralds the arrival as spring as we know it here: days bright beneath a warming sun, green grass and pollinating aspens, the call of the meadowlark . . . and the every-present, inescapable trickster wind. Two days ago, the weather service announced a high wind warning for today, and thus far, the elements […]

The rainbow, the arc, and the light: These elements have comprised the week’s themes thus far, an exploration of the existence and movement of area light and local color. But the rainbow is, in essence, the spectrum of color rendered in rare visible form, and that spectrum informs all of life, give sit dimension and […]

Yesterday’s photo meditation focused on the rainbow: literal, metaphorical, metaphysical, one not physically present on that day as an arc in the heavens, yet here nonetheless in the sunlit world around us. The imagery comes from monsoon season, a time only a couple of years past that, here at Red Willow, would have been confined […]

For the first time in days, the dawn light arrived without a cloud in the sky. There is haze, of course; the cold temperatures, in a land where wood fires remain one of the most common sources of heat, ensures that. An inversion layer of piñon smoke rests low over the land like a veil […]

We awakened this morning to light rain. It hasn’t lasted long — even now, just after dawn, the clouds to the west are breaking apart — but it was at least enough to soak the ground. And at this moment, as the peaks on three sides are veiled in a mist of blue-violet, dark gray, […]

Our first dandelion appeared yesterday. It’s a whole month early; these short-lived bits of flowery sunshine usually bloom in May and are generally gone by the first week of June. Last year’s weather was sufficiently strange that a few blossomed anew in October for even fewer days, but this is the earliest I can recall […]

After a bone-dry week, we may actually see rain this weekend. The forecast changes daily, of course — even hourly. But this time, storms have amassed on the West Coast, and if the current pattern holds, we will see them, or at least their remnants, before long. It can’t come a moment too soon. Two […]

Hoof Clan spirits hold a special place in the cultures and ways of the peoples of this region. For some, it’s deer; for others, elk; for others, both. This is rooted in intensely practical factors, of course, food and clothing and shelter among them. But it’s more than that: They are spirits who belong to […]

The water in the pond is already lower than yesterday. The moment the flow is shut off or rerouted, the level drops precipitously in this weather and climate. Yesterday, the wind ruled, bending branches horizontal and whipping up small furious vortices made of sand and dust. Today’s wind is less violent, but it blows strongly […]

Yesterday’s post showed the river  at Red Willow in a good year: full, high, animated, not so much running downward as rioting, roiling, tumbling, a wide silver ribbon of agile speed and unbridled joy. This year, the river will not run nearly so fast. It will not rise as high, either. The same is true […]

This is the time when people begin bringing down the water. In the village, of course, it’s not a question of bringing it down; it simply flows. This year, unfortunately, the waters will be nowhere near this high. As I’ve written here before, we tend to speak of it in less active terms: “The water […]

This is a weekend sacred to multiple traditions in the outside world: Passover, and, of course, Easter. The latter is celebrated among European Pagan traditions, too, albeit as Ostara, the root of the word now applied to the Christian holiday. Most of the Pueblo marks this day as Easter, too, albeit with some differences from […]

The last day of March, host to the second blue moon of the year, and dawn is heralded by fire in the sky. It doesn’t last long, of course — not this time of year. The truly spectacular sunrises come in the fall; sunsets, with summer’s monsoon season. But this year, thanks perhaps to winter’s extended […]

To the outside world, this is Good Friday, a day to close up shop early (or not come in at all); a day in a town not far south of here for the annual Low-Rider Parade; a day for Catholic pilgrims from all over the state to make their sojourn to the ancient place known as […]

This year, the most notable aspect of spring this year is not, as one would expect, the winds. Oh, they are here, enervating as ever, but with less force and frequency than is customary by the end of March. Whether because of the drought, or in spite of it, a different quality has assumed primacy […]

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