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On this day, autumn is here. You can see it in the clouds that shroud the peaks from the glare of the rising sun, hear it in the shivering leaves of too-dry aspens shaken by a sharp-edged wind, smell it in the faint tang of the air. At the edge of our land, out by […]

We began the last week with silver horses, those who ride the soft glow of dawn and those whose hooves beat solely upon the earth. We have finished it with other spirits of earth and sky, the tiny fierce wingéd ones who ride the winds and the flowering sources of nectr on which they feed. […]

The heat has returned with a vengeance. It’s humid, too, these last couple of days — conditions just right to bring us, if not a storm last night, at least a soft, steady rain for an hour or two. More is forecast for later today, but whether it materializes is an open question; the elements […]

Today throwback feature goes back six years, to late 2012. It was one of those works that was an example of serendipity and synchronicity, both conspiring in service of larger goals. I had received an e-mail out of the blue from a woman who lived far north of here. She was a horsewoman, and she […]

Some days are genuinely gray; others, gray only in spirit. Some are both. A blinding migraine has assured the latter form, a combination of smoke, haze, and still-impotent clouds the former. Meanwhile, the season continues to advance at an alarming rate: More trees have begun turning, and another winter bird, the scrub jay, haunts the […]

This is horse country. There’s a misconception that our peoples never knew horses until the Spanish introduced them in the 1500s, but in fact, there were wild horses on this land long before. Those brought by the Spanish, however, were already fully domesticated, and made for both good strategic targets in warfare that was perforce […]

In choosing today’s image, I was struck by its background, with lush greenery visible everywhere. It’s quite the contrast from the same spot today, the washed-out gold of heat-seared grass fraying above dull, dry, and dusty earth. Wings took this photo seven years ago, and our world has altered drastically since then. In point of […]

In two days, our highs have gone from more than 90 to more than ten degrees less. Lows are hitting 45 in the early hours before dawn. The pace of leaf change has accelerated drastically in the last week. It feels as though climate change has not only altered our weather and season, but the […]

The heat has receded suddenly, with lows now plunging to forty-five overnight, but the drought continues unabated. We went from a forecast of an 80% chance of rain yesterday to a 0% chance by evening, with perhaps a hundred raindrops in between. There were plenty of storms in the area, but they all circled and […]

There are days when the world as it is seems too much: too harsh and hard for mere mortals to navigate. When those days stretch out into entire seasons? Adaptation doesn’t feel like enough; it feels as though we need magic if we are to make it on this earth so drastically altered. Magic is […]

A small late storm last night gave us an autumnal dawn: deep dark clouds over the peaks, limned along their lower edge by a nascent coral sunrise. It was sufficiently beautiful to send me out onto the deck into the 6:45 AM chill. It was also a sky better suited to October than to August. […]

Every day, we are reminded anew of our charge to protect the Earth — and of the new urgency of that task. We may not be the primary offenders, nor even at all significant ones, but that obligation still applies to those of us to whom these various lands were given. For a very long […]

Long, long ago, so some versions of the story go, when the First People emerged from the waters to find that there was no surface on which they could live, it was Grandmother Turtle who created the world by offering them the shell on her back. It’s a fitting metaphor in ways that transcend even […]

Our world is just a little greener today for last night’s storm, late and powerful. The rain didn’t last long, but the light show was a gift and a wonder, a reminder of the power the heavens hold. Our ancestors knew this well; they watched their world closely and inscribed their observations on the earth […]

The breeze this morning had an edge to it — autumn at August’s own dawn. Even so, the mercury will likely pass ninety again today, unseasonably high for this distinctly unrainy rainy season. Right now, the clouds are amassing to the north. Even their patterns have shifted, and drastically so. A year or two ago, […]

We were granted the gift of three small but steady rains yesterday, the first birthed in a hailstorm, the last punctuated by a rainbow. Last night was clear and mostly calm, and we had high hopes for this morning’s atmosphere. It was not to be. The smoke returned this morning, and while nowhere near as […]

As Mother Earth falls victim to climate change, her children rise in unexpected ways. The local paper is reporting (online) this morning an account of an alleged bear attack in a small town a couple of hours northeast of here. The incident occurred two weeks ago, and the account raises my eyebrows a bit with […]

Our skies today are blue, and yet they’re gray — not a product of the few scattered puffy white clouds linked around the heavens, but of the heavy haze of smoke that clings to the horizon on all sides. On a day as unspeakably bright as this, it’s confounding that it should also be so […]

August first, the literal middle of the summer. Here, this has been a summer like no other, and for us, it has for weeks been, in too many ways, already on the wane. Every day, as I do such work as I can outside, I’m taken aback all over again by the starkness of our […]

It is the last day of July, what should be solidly midsummer. We awakened this morning to a sky more at home in the depths winter. These were not snow clouds, of course; sixty degrees is far too warm for that. Instead, it was a combination of wayward fog and the smoke of small fires. […]

Every day brings with it new reminders that this is no longer the world we knew. It’s not merely the misapprehension of memory, not that the world of our youth seems somehow golden by comparison. In truth, it was never golden, not then and not with the benefit of time’s diffuse lens. We know that […]

Today is both sunny and gray, golden light rendered hazy by the smoke of nearby wildfires. The heat is back, oppressively so; it holds the haze down close upon the earth, like a gathering storm that holds no hope of rain. We may have no monsoonal weather today (although yesterday, a rainless windstorm blew up […]

According to Mother Earth in our small part of the world, today is the first day of fall. Oh, I know what the calendar says, and the mercury, too. It is still July, and the temperature is still passing eighty. But the trees have begun to go gold, the leaves are falling to carpet a […]

In short time, less than two hours from now, the world will fall beneath the moon’s shadow. This day marks a full lunar eclipse, albeit one that will not be visible from this hemisphere. Only the southern tip of that sister land now known as “South America” will be able to see it, and then […]

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