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The snow is gone; the sun has returned in full force. The air clear and sharp, the light a shimmering gold in the mid-October chill. The only traces of yesterday’s storm are the wet grass, earth turned muddy here and there, and wispy veils of fog still wrapped around the necks of the peaks. In […]

Yesterday, our world here looked exactly like this. Today, it’s blanketed in snow. It will not amount to much, most likely; predictions of up to eight inches at our level (which is higher than the elevation of the town of Taos) seem unlikely for snow that only began sometime after one A.M. But even an […]

This is the season when the Earth rises to show herself. Oh, there she will wrap herself in a shawl of white soon enough, but in this place, when there is no snow on the ground, this time of year is when she finally throws off extra layers of adornment to reveal herself as she […]

I stood outside yesterday evening, capturing images of a fiery sunset. The air was barely cool, even in the gathering dark. And I realized the the next day — today — would be our last day of Indian summer. I felt the slightest twinge of melancholy, despite my love for fall and winter. Yesterday was […]

I’ve been up since the skies were still full dark — early enough to watch the mercury drop a few degrees. Here at this time of year, the coldest hours are those surrounding the dawn, and despite the light in the southeastern sky, even now the temperatures continue to fall, not rise. It’s a hard […]

The calendar says autumn, but the winds say winter. We have had snow, flurries down here and accumulations on the peaks, for four or five days straight now. Climate change has left Mother Earth and her offspring unsure of what to do at any given moment — whether the time for flowering has passed, blossoms […]

We have more snow today — the tiniest, briefest of flurries here, but visibly white caps now dusting the peaks. Much of our world remains green, but the gold is contending with it for primacy, and the brown of bare ground has begun to spread across the earth’s surface here. After a year and more […]

But for the presence of a single tree long since felled by wind and weather, these images could have been captured today instead of six years ago. The sky is gray and lowering, snow already descending upon the peaks behind a veil of clouds. We even had snow here at their feet this morning, although […]

It’s that day again — the one that, in my childhood, was always and forever on October 12th. It eventually became more convenient to the authorities that be to reallocate it to the second Monday in October, the better to take advantage of a three-day weekend. You will notice that I have said neither the […]

At last, it feels like fall here:. Cold weather has come on a sharp-edged wind; rain is predicted for today and tomorrow, with subfreezing lows and possible snow to follow. Such green as remains will not be here for long now. We picked what will likely be the last round of raspberries yesterday; drought notwithstanding, […]

Yesterday, Wings and I had occasion to discuss this land’s ancient history as a major trade route, a hub on a network of roads stretching to the water’s edge in all directions. It’s one of the ways in which materials from coastal regions were made a part of the art and culture of this place […]

Today is quintessential Red Willow autumn, October in all its golden glory. The sky is near-cloudless, the sun bright, the air sharp with that kind of blade-like clarity peculiar to this season. Our world here is awash in light, and the trees are now balanced almost perfectly between latent green and new golden fire. And […]

It is blustery here today, high winds driving massive banks of violet clouds before patches of bright turquoise sky, the process repeating itself over and over since dawn. It looks like autumn, certainly, and winter, too. If the darker clouds descend low enough on their journey eastward, there will be snow on some faces of […]

This day began beneath lowering clouds, violet-gray and pregnant with rain that declined to be delivered. Sunrise occurred behind its veil, its color reflected only faintly against the paler wisps in the western sky. Come afternoon, though, and the storm has ushered itself beyond the peaks, rainclouds making way for their fluffier white counterparts across […]

Here at Red Willow, October is the time of early storm and late fire: the first snow of the season; the last moments when the trees still burn like flame in the light. There will be no snow here today, nor this week, although next might be a different story. For now, we are fortunate […]

October first: The feast day is over, and it’s time to get down to the business of fall. This year, there’s precious little such business for most of us; “harvest” may be a mood and a moon, but it’s not much that’s tangible after this year’s drought. We will be lucky if our six or […]

One of the aspens is nearly bare, the drought having induced it to shed them three months prematurely. Such small amounts of rain as we have been granted since has fostered new life at the ends of its skeletal limbs, small patches of new green leaves scattered here and there like summer jewels on a […]

The air is cold, the horizon wrapped in gray. The day dawns in shades of pink and silver. Rina is forecast for next week, but for now, the clouds that embrace this autumn morning retreat in the face of insufficiently-distant smoke from the west. This is the time of year when the mercury swings forty […]

Dawn breaks this morning in shades of pale pink descending to a blue-gray horizon, equal parts early-autumn glow and the smoke of a fire to the west. It’s the usual color of sunrise at this time of year, when the angle of the nascent seems to catch the color of the turning leaves and fan […]

Wing’s preferred medium has always been sterling silver. He will occasionally work in other metals, by request or to use up materials acquired, for example, in trade: In rare instances, he’s created full pieces out of nickel silver, coin silver, and copper. He will also sometimes use other metals as an accent, such as in […]

A storm front moved through last night, giving us no overnight rain, but plenty of low-slung clouds and heavy wet air. The sun remained shrouded completely until mid-morning, well after a stray hailstorm passed overhead. In the moments of early dawn, the now-not-quite-full moon in the west served as the only visible source of illumination. […]

Here at Red Willow, the village now is abuzz with activity. The pole is up, firmly rooted in the earth of the plaza and waiting for the weekend’s use; the final touches are being put on the resurfacing projects on church and homes. And the shadows grow ever longer as the days grow increasingly short. […]

We are a week out from October — less than a week from the Pueblo’s largest and most public feast. It will begin on Saturday, at week’s end this year, culminating in Sunday’s services and festivities. If the forecast holds, it will be sunny and seasonably cool, a day of perfect autumn clarity. And clarity […]

This is the first full day of autumn. The equinox came and went last night 7:54 PM, what here is now already virtually full dark. A hint of red still limned the horizon of the western sky, but you would not have called the moment anything but night. Today, the sun is bright and brilliant, […]

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