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There is a feeling, now, of the world spinning ever faster, as though to shake off summer more thoroughly for a winter that refuses to wait. It’s not the first time: Autumn mostly skipped us entirely, the world he shifting from summer straight to winter, and brown for the whole of it. That is, perhaps, […]

Summer has finally departed, unlikely to return, but the chill edge of winter has softened a bit. We can expect, or so the forecast tells us, highs in the sixties for the next few days, even as nighttime lows in the teens slowly shift our days to face the coming cold. Today is clear, a […]

Our small world here has changed drastically overnight. A reported low of fourteen (seventeen by the time we thought to check the thermometer after getting up this morning) has turned out world from mild to actively cold; yesterday’s winds, revived somewhat now at midday today, have seen to that. Here at Red Willow, land and […]

I had to be up early this morning, before dawn broke over the peaks. The sky still mostly slept beneath a black blanket beaded with a small scattering of stars, the Dawn Star to the east the most visible. As the dark began to lift, the Morning Star’s shimmer fade, bands of copper-tinged clouds began […]

One last warm day, and the only webbing visible anywhere in the sky is from the smoke of the prescribed burn ignited yesterday to the west. Tomorrow’s forecast is one of high winds, expected to usher in a fast-moving cold front. While our highs have been mostly in the seventies, tomorrow night’s low is expected […]

All lines lead to the mountain. In summer, it’s water: a webwork of acequias, the traditional ditching system used here for centuries to share the land’s scarcest and most valuable resource. At this season, it’s shadows, the fringed echo of the light falling across a quieting earth — ribbons, both of light and of the […]

Another beautiful sunny day, albeit one that dawned not quite so clear. The fires to the west, apparently purposely set along a forest road, were not in fact extinguished by Friday’s rain, and wind direction brought the smoke haze to visible levels again this morning. Still, to the east, the mountains are sharply incised against […]

Yesterday developed into the perfect archetypal October day here: cool but not cold until after sundown, a slight edge to the breeze; a world awash in golden low-angled light, and not a single, solitary cloud anywhere in the sky. Today shows every sign of repeating the process. The rain on Friday also tamped down the […]

Yesterday was gray almost the whole of the day, rain falling more often than not, and heavily, too. It did much more than merely tamp down the dust that, by October in this place, threatens anew to get out of control — this long, steady rain soaked gently but thoroughly into the earth. This morning, […]

We awakened this morning to pouring rain. It wasn’t so much the sound — adobe is, after all, very nearly sound-proof — as it was opening the front door to call the dogs, only to find it coming down in sheets. Cold, wet, windy, and very, very welcome now. It did make for a wet […]

More rain allegedly on the way, and yet our world this morning is a clear, bright exemplar of October in this place: not a cloud in the sky, only the faintest haze from the new wildfires to the west and the existing one to the south. After dark, the Big Dipper drifts past our bedroom […]

It’s a perfect October day: clear, bright, just a little cold, not enough to require much in the way of layers, but in the embrace of a wind with a scalpel’s edge. No rain overnight, although it’s once again forecast for tomorrow night and Friday, but the mercury has plunged sufficiently to turn whole stands […]

October first. The village is quiet today, at least in relative terms. Yesterday’s feast is over, the pole having played its role. The tourists have departed, and the people go about the business now of autumn. Here, that means work, and no small amount of it. An ordinary winter here will be harsh; this one […]

Today dawned pure gold. That’s not unusual for this day. Indeed, our world here will get more gold as October finds its feet. We stand now at the glowing angle of autumn, this land’s most beautiful season of the year. The angles are sharp, too, and sharply defined: a lowering sun setting the earth aflame […]

Every day now, the Earth’s robes grow a little more faded, a little more threadbare. This is the season when she shows us the most of herself, increasingly unadorned, daring us to find the beauty in bare ground. And it is there. There are many parts of this land mass where that truth is not […]

Ww had to travel down to Santa Fe yesterday — just a quick day trip to take care of some business that we’ve had to put off for too long. The drive down through the Gorge is spectacular no matter the season, and every time, it’s different. This time, though, there was more green yet […]

Fall and spring are threshold seasons: neither all one thing or the other, but a blending of opposites; a time of waiting, as though the world itself is held in abeyance. They share another common feature, too, that of earth, revealed. In spring, it’s a phenomenon of a warming world, snow melting to show the […]

I know people who hate this season. They don’t see the joy in the fire that lights the landscape, only a looming and barren melancholy in the fading of the green. Neither of us will ever understand it except at the intellectual level; in the spirit, this is our season, one filled with contentment and excitement […]

Cold. At nightfall; with the dawn; enough to make us shiver in harmony with the aspens outside the window. During the bright hours of the day, the mercury still rises well into the seventies, sometimes even higher. But this is the season when temperature takes on the nature of a pendulum, capable of swinging fifty […]

Yesterday’s golden sun turned fast to an enveloping gray blanket, an autumnal equinox whose shapes and shades spoke more of winter than of fall. At this elevation, we don’t often get solid gray skies, save for those days in the cold season given over to the snows. The rain finally arrived in late evening, a […]

The first official day of autumn, and already there is an eerie, haunted quality to our world. It’s neither sunny nor cloudy, but somewhere in between; neither warm nor cold, but a state of affairs that changes with every passing cloud or ray of reemergent sun. There is a feeling of bated breath about this […]

Early yesterday morning, our hound came up injured: two barbed-wire punctures and a pair of scrapes. She’s a scent hound, one who takes her inborn duties seriously (one might even say obsessively), and with the newly clear cool air of autumn, there are plenty of new scents to capture her attention. Sometimes to her own […]

We were supposed to get rain on Thursday, perhaps lasting into the early hours of yesterday. Instead, an east wind blew the storm apart long before it ever reached us. Yesterday’s forecast, by contrast, was for a perfectly clear sunny day. And just after noon, not long after our Internet service went out for what […]

The promised rain of yesterday never materialized; a strong east wind blew the storm apart before it ever reached us. Today is a mix sun and puffy white clouds, air warm enough to go sleeveless, but with autumn’s unmistakable edge leading the way. This is the time of year when the temperature changes drastically within […]

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