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Sun this morning still, although the clouds have already begun to move in on all sides, dimming its brilliance to a soft glow. There is otherwise no sign yet of the rain predicted for this day, but the forecast continues to intensify, with projections for a measurable fall tonight. At the moment, the meadowlark sings, […]

There’s nothing quite so beautiful as pure, clear water. I had the thought this morning as I was watching the water roil into the dog’s water dish, the sunlight catching its cascading ripples and miniature waves. Even the plastic behind and beneath it couldn’t diminish its perfectly beautiful clarity in natural light. We know, at […]

We live now in the in-between weeks, the days when seasons and weather contest for space and place. Today is nominally sunny; nominally warm, too. In reality, the sun spends at least as much time behind a pale gray veil as it does out in the open, and the “warm” air is rent by the […]

The winds of caprice rule our world now. Seventies in recent days, and again today — shorts and sandals weather, with sleeves far too warm for comfort. But today will shape up to be a day of gale-force winds, ushering in the rain and then snow promised for tomorrow. The skies are already concealing their […]

Just over a week ago — possibly April first, which would be fitting — I could’ve sworn I heard our first hummingbird. It’s far too early for them yet; they are birds of warmer winds, and seventy-plus-degree highs notwithstanding, this wind is still capable of cutting t0 the bone. Such tiny spirits need the long […]

Warmer today, but the weather is already changing. The forecast predicts rain for tomorrow — the cold variety, more a part of winter than summer. Spring at Red Willow is truly a threshold season, world and weather alike dancing hesitantly along either side of it for months before committing, finally, to genuine warmth. Still, the […]

If spring is a sign of warming trends, today the weather makes a fool of us all. Whatever the disputed origins of “April Fool’s Day” — and it seems to be hotly disputed among European sources, ranging from variant markings of the new year to an obscure Chaucer reference to a throwback to Noah’s first […]

Sixty degrees yesterday and more, and it will be the same for most of the remainder of the week. We know that it is too early for such warmth, and yet we cannot help but welcome it. Even for someone like myself, a child of the storm, the blue skies seem suddenly inviting if only […]

Save for one tiny gray patch in a place of permanent shade, the snow is gone. Even yesterday’s heavy wet flurry could not stick; the earth is warming, and the air with it. The sun outlasts the clouds more often than not, and outworks them, too: The sky remains the chilly pale color of spring, […]

Spring begins tomorrow, or so the calendar tells us. It will be the vernal equinox, true, but that’s a very different thing from “spring” on any practical level. In climates such as ours, the line between the seasons is hardly so clearly defined; spring weather has visited us for weeks now, even as winter’s return […]

Today has been all spring: highs well into the mid-fifties; capricious winds and an unsettled sky. The snow in the image has long since mostly vanished, with only a few small patches remaining in those shaded places where the sun’s gaze never lands. No rainbow today, either, given the lack of precipitation, but should we […]

Yesterday’s rain, one that fell nearly uninterrupted all day, has brought our earth alive. The birds are everywhere, and everywhere a spreading green is well in evidence. It’s not just a few stray blades of grass at regular intervals, either; the temperatures are now so warm, and the rain so consistent, that there is as […]

Today we have something not much seen in this place: a steady, pouring winter’s rain. Despite last year’s deepening of our long-term drought, rain is hardly unknown here; we have an entire monsoon season devoted to it — a season known elsewhere, simply, as summer. Winter storms are likewise familiar, but those tend to be […]

In a matter of days, we will be passing this mesa again. Whether it will look like this remains an open question; nearly all of our snow has melted, but the weather is already changing again. Rain is forecast for the next three days, with possible snow, and snow again for most of next week. […]

Neither moon nor peak is visible now, albeit for partially different reasons: the new moon is only two days off, meaning that the moon, when it rises, will be barely more than the tiniest sliver tonight. That is, of course, if it’s visible at all; the crags of El Salto are entirely hidden at the […]

Water. It was the one thing last year denied us, almost entirely. Now, successive fifty-degree days are turning two feet of snow fast into the first medicine. The Gorge embraces the largest watershed in the region: the Rio Grande, although to the truly local population, those indigenous to these lands, it has other names. When […]

The month is not yet over, and the thaw has already begun. Spring will be here early; winter will leave us late. This land takes no notice of calendars or other human means of reckoning time: Here, the elements rule, in all their apparent willfulness and caprice. It only seems like caprice to us, of […]

Today dawned in a veil of perfect gray, lightening now to white everywhere: white earth, white sky, white in the air between. The snow the forecasters promised us for yesterday did not materialize until the early hours of this morning — a gift of extraordinary dimensions to Wings and me personally, given that we were […]

In this place, waves are perhaps associated less with water than with movement; not a noun, but a mode and manner of action. It’s natural; we have relatively few watersheds here, particularly lakes or other standing bodies where the winds can create waves that ebb and flow like an ocean tide. Here, it is the […]

After the caprice of yesterday’s weather, marked by wave after wave of small furies of snow and sleet, today has dawned impossibly clear and cold. It’s one of those mornings when the mercury falls, rather than rises, in the moments when the sun comes up, a day when warmth is as scarce as the food […]

In this place, what constitutes Indigenous (and indigenous) land stretches far beyond what the dominant culture envisions when it considers the phrase. That’s not the phrase, of course: Outsiders think of “the reservation,” occasionally “the rez”; less often, “the Pueblo,” and on occasions rarer still, the more basic but more inclusive “tribal lands.” That’s when […]

Even with Sunday’s rainbow, we have seen several days of indecisive weather here at Red Willow. The forecast repeatedly calls for snow and storm, only to see the meteorologists forced to backtrack daily. At the moment, the sky outside the window is several shades of blue, from the crisp cornflower of a clear winter’s day […]

Two days ago, the perfect midpoint of winter; next week, a holiday named for the theoretical patron saint of lovers. Yesterday, a gift of love from the cosmos. It’s been odd enough awakening, so many bitterly cold mornings this season, to a world wrapped in fog. Fog usually requires a bit more ambient warmth than […]

I awakened this morning to a world the color of charcoal. In the predawn hours of winter, the sky is normally pure jet, clear and sharp-edged, beaded with the shimmering light of a thousand thousand diamonds. On this day, we were wrapped in fog as thick as a blanket, the headlights on the highway not […]

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