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There is no blue today. Yet. Yesterday’s forecast snow held off until late in the evening, and overnight produced only a dusting; the real weather began with the dawn. Even so, it won’t last; come afternoon, sun and will have burned off and blown out the clouds to reveal a lazuli sky, and the remnant […]

Winter has returned in force, and we live now in the season of the storm. Here, that means many things, from unsettled weather to extremes of temperature, gale-force winds and waves of snow. In this place, it’s possible to have both simultaneously: big heavy flakes falling from a sky lit with brilliant sun, and a […]

Dawn, and the world outside the window is eerie: shrouded in fog, still and silent. Not so much as a branch moves; not a single wild bird on limb or ground or cold heavy air. Here at Red Willow, we, and our whole small world with us, await the coming of the snow shrouded in […]

We have not had a winter like this in years. Snow, and lots of it, used to be automatic here — as in the lands I also call home, simply the way of things in winter. Accumulations were measured in feet as often as not, and we could be assured of several snows of two […]

After days of snow and storm, the sun reappeared yesterday. This is the season when, according to the cosmologies of some traditional cultures, that orb is at its weakest — the time when humanity must help it make its daily journey by singing or praying it across the sky. Today, as dawn breaks, three ravens […]

Some days, it’s a bleak and wintry world indeed. A new calendar year that began so full of promise has, for us, gone cold and dark in the blink of an eye. Yesterday morning, one of our dogs followed something to the road. In not much more than a moment, it was over, and our […]

The snow this New Year’s dawn seems to come from all directions, and none at all: driving in now from the northeast, then from the southwest, then on a perfect vertical. Earth and sky are the same shade of white, and the world stops at the fenceline. It’s a beautiful day. A dangerous one, too. […]

The last dawn of the calendar year, and another storm approaching. If the forecast holds, the new year will be born beneath gray skies in a rush of heavy snow. Today will be a busy day, made all the more hectic by early closures and the need to beat the weather. The light is short […]

The indigo hours of Christmas morning; like the sun, even the dogs still sleep. Here at Red Willow, our small world is silent in the early dark. There is no snow — not yet, anyway, and possibly not at all; the forecast has shifted it to tomorrow, although we know better than to rely on […]

Christmas Eve. These are those deep dark moments before the dawn, the world swaddled in low-hanging clouds heavy with their undelivered burden of snow, only a single distant star visible just above the ridgeline to the east. Even the dogs are quiet this morning, as though they, too, recognize something profound in the air. It […]

Our forecast remains stubbornly unsettled: projections changing seemingly on a whim; weather every bit as capricious, and more. I have no confidence in predictions of snow; the air is too dry, the clouds to changeable, for me to believe that we will be granted a white Christmas (or anything else) in what remains of the […]

We are little more than four days out from a world renewed. The only snow on the ground here on this day is the remnant cover so deeply in shadow that it even now has failed to melt. The forecast is undecided — or, perhaps more accurately, the forecasters are indecisive: Yesterday, they predicted snow […]

Dawn, ten days out from the Long Night, and our forecast has suddenly changed drastically. After days of insisting there was no chance of snow during that whole period, sometime around dusk last night the experts announced an 80% chance of snow for tonight. We know better than to assume its accuracy until we see […]

Far less snow is visible on El Salto on this day than in the photo, but unlike last year, there is snow. The drought that has held this land so firmly in its grip has altered not merely weather and climate, but perception and memory, as well. Snow seems suddenly a novelty, something remarkable, when […]

The dawning days of December, and the deep cold of winter has already descended. Here at Red Willow, the mercury struggles in the early hours, the earth unwilling to rise from slumber to meet the cold morning light. Late afternoon, and the temperatures drop as fast as Father Sun before a sky set aflame one […]

Nine degrees, with a wind chill of three. And that’s far warmer than originally forecast. The sun is up, just cresting the ridgeline of the south slope. The clouds have all vanished, leaving a vast expanse of clear pale turquoise in their wake. And a dusting of snow covers the earth, ashimmer like a blanket […]

There is safety in numbers, but sometimes, someone needs to be a scout. At Red Willow, the horses know this; accustomed to living communally, many of them spend most of their time living in the embrace of a herd. For those who live outside the old village and its immediate environs, such as ours, the […]

You can’t stand up unless you’re on solid ground. That’s one of the first lessons life teaches you, in profoundly literal ways. Growing up as I did in a place where snow and ice are the norm for near half a year, I learned very early on the perils of slick surfaces. I also learned […]

The red-tails have returned early. They are always with us in the winter, at least our mated pair, but they typically spend very little time here until well into the depths of the season — mid-January into February. Then we usually have them solidly in residence for a couple of months, and they move on […]

There are days when the world is determined that, if it cannot teach us humility, it will at least teach us respect. Today is one such. Yesterday’s storm dropped a good ten inches here (albeit far less in town, where the elevation is lower and the air warmer). As if such unseasonal blizzard conditions were […]

Dawn comes this morning on a cold pale light, ready to fulfill its promise of, later, turquoise skies and a chill wind. These last few days, simply going out of doors is a humbling experience, air riven by the ferocity of an unseasonal north wind near-constantly. If predictions hold, there will be more to come: […]

The last few days have shown me that this winter promises to be very different. Oh, not in the sense of what a “normal” winter here looks like, no; I mean that it will be very different from what I am used to on a personal level, blood and breath and bone. I fell ill […]

Northern New Mexico is a mix of spiritual traditions, ones that don’t always align with “ordinary” expectations. The surface is all colonial, of course, the largest percentage Catholic, with a solid minority of Protestant fundamentalism, and small but strong representation by Mormonism and, to a lesser degree, other denominations that were once termed apostates or […]

This might be our last day of brilliant gold arrayed against a bright blue sky. The forecast changed rapidly yesterday, calling seemingly out of nowhere for rain to arrive to tomorrow, thence turning to snow on Wednesday. Since then, it has altered again, now predicting that we are headed straight for snow late tomorrow. Even […]

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