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Midsummer. These are hot days, and cold ones, too, days of sun and storm, skies in every shade of blue from ice to gray-violet. They are also the long days of heavy labor, of stewardship and care for the land. The time of ceremony is coming soon, and after it, of celebration, but for now, […]

They are the two constants here in summer, the powers of water and sky: elemental forces that reflect each other, that work together to keep the land alive. We got plenty of water overnight, several straight hours’ worth of rain. No blue skies in evidence, of course; the dark took care of that. But the […]

After days upon days of stormclouds bearing a promise of rain mostly unfulfilled, today has dawned utterly clear and blue. Now, at midday, the thunderheads should be building, preparatory to moving overhead, but there is not a single, solitary cloud in the sky, on any side. It makes for a beautiful day, full of bright sun […]

Despite a forecast for the week that is virtually free of rain, the clouds persist. On this morning, they are relatively thin, huddled together around the tops of the southeast end of the peaks as though seeking the warmth of the early sun. Here at the mountains’ feet, the world is a bit greener than […]

It feels as though we are now suddenly down to the business of summer: mercury in the nineties, periodic cloudbursts, and a sense of time slipping away all too fast. This time of year is our busiest; the pressure is always on to get as much done as possible before the weather turns cold. That […]

July first — Wings’s birthday, and, as it happens, the fifth birthday of this blog — and monsoon season has arrived, late and with a vengeance. It’s cooler today, but oppressively humid, and the forecast predicts an eighty percent chance of thunderstorms for later in the day. Last night’s storm hit with such force that […]

It’s a seemingly intractable part of the aging process to find oneself missing “the way things used to be” — those days softly tinted by the mists of memory, days whose remembered “simplicity” existed for us only by virtue of the essential ignorance that accompanies childhood. It’s not, mostly, that it was better; only that […]

It’s hard to believe that it’s summer: Lows at freezing level, highs barely reaching seventy — it was warmer here, by far, when it was still officially only spring. That will change, at least a bit, but no time soon, if the long-range forecast is to be believed. If accurate, we will make it into […]

It’s cool and clear today, the usual thunderheads more distant, the air refreshed from yesterday’s showers. This is distinctly unseasonal weather for Red Willow, where by now we have normally been well into summer by all indicators save the calendar itself. We get such seasons in cycles: Every few years, it feels as though summer […]

We are four days out from the longest day of the year. It seems a wonderful thing, and it is, but there is a part of me that is slightly melancholy, too; after all, on the sixth day, the dark will begin steadily to encroach just that fractional second sooner. And one of the aspects […]

It is at last warm today, albeit not, perhaps, for long: The heavy damp air of morning is fast being driven out by a rising breeze. We can only hope that it remains something less than a wind, enough to ensure that the warmth remains throughout the day. Walking up the drive toward the gate […]

Clouds this morning, even a brief but steady rain. Both are more welcome than the chill that has accompanied them. Circumstances have forced me out of the house for the better part of the day, and it’s just that little bit too cold to sit outside and work; I am consigned to the studio doorway, […]

In summer, the dark is a beautiful thing: soft, cool, gentle. At this time of year, we don’t get full dark, without even the faintest glow in the western sky, until after 11 PM. On these nights leading up to the summer solstice, true darkness arrives with midnight. Last night was just a little bit darker […]

The first days of June, and the first day of a new moon. It occurred at one second shy of 4:03 AM local time (allowing for the warping of Daylight Savings Time, of course). At that hour this time of year, the sky to the east is already beginning to lighten, sufficient to turn the […]

For a morning that dawned so sunny and clear, the clouds have moved in with a sudden early rapidity. Although the forecast predicts no rain before Thursday, both the gray the skies and my right elbow, broken at the age of seven and now a reliable indicator of a coming change in the weather, are […]

Sunny today, at least for the moment, but still unseasonably cold. Part of it is the wind, which mostly arrived late this year. Part of it is a very early start to monsoonal weather patterns, which can drop temperatures by double digits in the beat of a bird’s wing. Yesterday, the mercury rose at least […]

No, the title is not a reference to the British rock band of the not-quite-homonym name, although there are aspects of its identity that fit, I suppose. Although much of popular culture misunderstood their name as a reference to the Devil of colonial Christianity, it was more a reference to then-current geopolitics, the notion of […]

Okay, so the red-tailed hawk is misnamed slightly — a reddish tint, true, but less crimson than copper. From the distance of earth relative to sky, though, the sun turns its feathers a mystical shade of red. You wouldn’t know it by the view outside the window (a slushy rain that has turned now fully […]

Sunny skies, clear air, water in the pond, and flowers everywhere. Spring finally feels real, and summer more than mere distant hope. Our highs are back well into the seventies, as of yesterday, and here at Red Willow, the earth is loving the warmth and light. It’s a chance to flower anew, one that we […]

Bright sun again today, and no rain in sight. The weather people have revamped the long-range forecast to reflect it, too. And while the rain is always welcome, so, too, at this point is a chance for our small world here to dry out a bit. For days, everything has been wet: ground, grass, firewood, […]

It’s a still, gray day, a hint of dampness hovering — perfect for cleaning the remainder of the ditches. The rain is not supposed to arrive before tomorrow afternoon, and the snow not before tomorrow night, but the low clouds and leaden sky call the forecast into question. Meanwhile, the absence of any wind allows […]

We awakened this morning to a pond overflowing. The water came last night — and came and came, a veritable miniature river boiling and burbling down the ditches to spill into the pool to the west, a pool now so full and large that it could almost more properly be called a small lake. Almost. […]

The day began in rain and will end in sun, but the wind remains constant. That is typical for this season at Red Willow, of course: The most salient marker of spring here is not temperature change or weather, but wind. It’s true all over this region, particularly to points south and east, where the […]

Today is more gray than blue, wind cold and sharp, skies heavy with the promise of rain. It’s fitting, on this day, as we sit a watch for the eldest of our dogs, not yet ready to depart on his journey, but soon to have the decision made by his failing body. He is not […]

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