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The red-tails have returned early. They are always with us in the winter, at least our mated pair, but they typically spend very little time here until well into the depths of the season — mid-January into February. Then we usually have them solidly in residence for a couple of months, and they move on […]

There are days when the world is determined that, if it cannot teach us humility, it will at least teach us respect. Today is one such. Yesterday’s storm dropped a good ten inches here (albeit far less in town, where the elevation is lower and the air warmer). As if such unseasonal blizzard conditions were […]

Dawn comes this morning on a cold pale light, ready to fulfill its promise of, later, turquoise skies and a chill wind. These last few days, simply going out of doors is a humbling experience, air riven by the ferocity of an unseasonal north wind near-constantly. If predictions hold, there will be more to come: […]

The last few days have shown me that this winter promises to be very different. Oh, not in the sense of what a “normal” winter here looks like, no; I mean that it will be very different from what I am used to on a personal level, blood and breath and bone. I fell ill […]

Northern New Mexico is a mix of spiritual traditions, ones that don’t always align with “ordinary” expectations. The surface is all colonial, of course, the largest percentage Catholic, with a solid minority of Protestant fundamentalism, and small but strong representation by Mormonism and, to a lesser degree, other denominations that were once termed apostates or […]

This might be our last day of brilliant gold arrayed against a bright blue sky. The forecast changed rapidly yesterday, calling seemingly out of nowhere for rain to arrive to tomorrow, thence turning to snow on Wednesday. Since then, it has altered again, now predicting that we are headed straight for snow late tomorrow. Even […]

What the rest of the world knows as Taos Pueblo its own call, in their own still-unpublished tongue, the Place of the Red Willow. Visitors tend to expect that to mean trees, as that word is more usually understood: tall single trunks rising upward to extend outward in leaf-bearing branches. When they learn the name […]

A sky that dawned only faintly tinted with rose has moved rapidly from bright golden light to a near-full blanket of clouds. The promised storm has arrived early, its outriders here well in advance of the main force due later tomorrow. And while we have only a light drizzle here, we can see the snow […]

The snow is gone; the sun has returned in full force. The air clear and sharp, the light a shimmering gold in the mid-October chill. The only traces of yesterday’s storm are the wet grass, earth turned muddy here and there, and wispy veils of fog still wrapped around the necks of the peaks. In […]

Yesterday, our world here looked exactly like this. Today, it’s blanketed in snow. It will not amount to much, most likely; predictions of up to eight inches at our level (which is higher than the elevation of the town of Taos) seem unlikely for snow that only began sometime after one A.M. But even an […]

But for the presence of a single tree long since felled by wind and weather, these images could have been captured today instead of six years ago. The sky is gray and lowering, snow already descending upon the peaks behind a veil of clouds. We even had snow here at their feet this morning, although […]

It’s that day again — the one that, in my childhood, was always and forever on October 12th. It eventually became more convenient to the authorities that be to reallocate it to the second Monday in October, the better to take advantage of a three-day weekend. You will notice that I have said neither the […]

Here at Red Willow, October is the time of early storm and late fire: the first snow of the season; the last moments when the trees still burn like flame in the light. There will be no snow here today, nor this week, although next might be a different story. For now, we are fortunate […]

October first: The feast day is over, and it’s time to get down to the business of fall. This year, there’s precious little such business for most of us; “harvest” may be a mood and a moon, but it’s not much that’s tangible after this year’s drought. We will be lucky if our six or […]

Here at Red Willow, the village now is abuzz with activity. The pole is up, firmly rooted in the earth of the plaza and waiting for the weekend’s use; the final touches are being put on the resurfacing projects on church and homes. And the shadows grow ever longer as the days grow increasingly short. […]

We are a week out from October — less than a week from the Pueblo’s largest and most public feast. It will begin on Saturday, at week’s end this year, culminating in Sunday’s services and festivities. If the forecast holds, it will be sunny and seasonably cool, a day of perfect autumn clarity. And clarity […]

The mercury will likely hit ninety today, and yet there are more trees newly gold and brown. The color line on the slopes spreads, it seems, almost by the hour, and such as winds as make their way through here now drive yellowed leaves from the weeping willows to carpet the ground below. If the […]

Fall comes fast now. I know, I know; the calendar insists that it is still summer, at least for five more days. The truth of the matter is that here, it is both summer and fall, and has been since July. In this old weathered world, the seasons are showing signs of fraying around the […]

Wings captured this image right around this time some seven or eight years ago. It was one he included in his mixed-media show a few years ago. It was also one that was emblematic of what his particular worldview has always been. With regard to what appears in the foreground, Wings has spent his life […]

It is humid today, at least for this land. Here at Red Willow, we are more accustomed to arid winds, and this year has been dry like no other. But the forecast for this week is one of mostly monsoonal patterns, late in the season but supposedly nonetheless, and all the more welcome for it. […]

Now that the pilgrimage season is ended, our world here gets down to work anew. The dominant culture calls this Labor Day, but in this place, the work is constant. Here, late summer’s labor is the most intensive of the year, disparate tasks from many worlds compressed into a small space of time. In this place, […]

The sacred season, and what usually passes for an informal marking of summer’s end is long gone. Here at Red Willow, autumn arrived in the first half of July, interspersed with too-high temperatures and too few rains. In the weeks since, it has played games with summer — hide-and-seek here, tag there — a pair of […]

Wings caught this image at least a dozen years ago, probably: browning cottonwoods an autumnal peaks arrayed against a turquoise sky, a fugitive moon having slipped out from behind remnant stormclouds to show her waxing gibbous face. In those days, autumn was still solidly autumn, most leaves not crinkled and curled, much less fallen to […]

This is an elemental place, a land wholly of, and inhabiting, earth, air, fire, water. It is the land of the sun, and of the storm too. But most of all, perhaps, Red Willow is the place of the light. Red Willow has always been a land of changed and changing light — forever in […]

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