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“Summer Spirit” Necklace. $825. SOLD.


The Corn Maidens personify the blessings of summer, bringing gifts of rain, and food, and with them, abundance. To honor her nurturing power and essential mystery, the Maiden here is made manifest in a green version of the Skystone with a golden-brown matrix, the colors of the lush summer grass and rich soil still found in this part of the desert.  She wears the traditional tablita of sterling silver, hand-stamped with traditional symbolism like those found on the Maidens’ headdresses, and hangs from a strand of natural turquoise beads, meadow-green with a matching golden matrix, rough-cut, and hand-strung on sterling silver chain. Part of Wings’s signature series The Mona Lisa on the Rio Grande. Reverse shown below.

Sterling silver; Royston turquoise; rough-cut green turquoise beads
$825 + shipping, handling, and insurance




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