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“Summer Skies” Earrings. $225. SOLD.

At the foot of the high-desert peaks, summer skies are a mysteriously beautiful blend of sun and storm. Wings calls the storm, and the clear skies too, with these dangling earrings strung on sterling silver wire. Each drop hangs suspended from delicate sterling silver earring wires, and each orbits around a central sphere of pure, slightly-luminescent cornflower blue — rare Ellensburg blue agate in the shade of the midday sky. Each agate orb is flanked, top and bottom, by intensely-hued orbs of lapis lazuli, stormy blue-violet marbled with clouds of pyrite. from the center of the storm, each end flows through other blues and other stages of a day in the rainy season: chatoyant kyanite; then finely webbed dumortierite, the color of the thunderheads; thence to the pure turquoise glow of apatite; and lastly, to the translucence of the falling rain, with violet-tinted iolite. Earrings hang 2.25″ long, excluding wires (dimensions approximate). Designed jointly by Wings and Aji. Part of The Standing Stones Collection.

Sterling silver; rare Ellensburg blue agate; lapis lazuli; kyanite; dumortierite; apatite; iolite
$225 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Note: These are offered at a slightly higher price point due to the value of the beads from which they are made.







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