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“Storm-Webbed Sky” Cuff Bracelet. $925. SOLD.

Storm-Webbed Sky Cuff Bracelet

In the monsoon season when the thunder rolls and the lightning flows, the rains fall from the four corners of the sky. Wings has captured season and sky in this elegantly spare cuff bracelet. The band, solid and substantial, is simplicity itself: formed of four heavy strands of sterling silver triangle wire soldered smoothly together, backed by sheet silver and given a soft Florentine finish, each strand flowing into the next like silvery rain falling from the Four Directions. The inner band is stamped with three scattered symbols: two sets of paired thunderheads, creating their own sacred space; and one Morning Star for guidance. Centered atop the band is a single slender cabochon of old natural spiderweb turquoise, delicate robin’s-egg blue webbed by crackling bolts of inky black matrix, set securely in a saw-toothed bezel and trimmed with twisted silver. The band is just shy of 3/4″ across; the setting is 1″ long by 1/2″ across; the visible portion of the stone is 7/8″ long by 3/8″ across (dimensions approximate). Side and inner band views shown below.

Sterling silver; old natural spiderweb turquoise
$925 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Side view 1:

Storm-Webbed Sky Side 1


Side view 2:

Storm-Webbed Sky Side 2


Inner band:

Storm-Webbed Sky Inner Band






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