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“Starlit Waters Spirit” Necklace. $2,250. SOLD.

Across this whole land mass, there are beings who inhabit the green depths of our great bodies of water, surfacing occasionally to deliver a gift or a lesson. The latest in Wings’s signature series, The Mona Lisa On the Río Grande, embodies one of these beings, a starlit waters spirit whose color is copper and whose gift is prosperity. A quadrilateral focal cabochon of Michigan native copper crosses the continent to meet up with the spirit of a maiden, set into a scalloped bezel and trimmed in twisted silver, her tablita headdress cut and stamped freehand and overlaid upon the back of the bezel. The stone is the deep jade and ivory seafoam of the greatest of lakes, whorled with the metallic crimson of polished copper; its setting bears stampwork in traditional designs, flowing waters around the bezel, a Morning Star and its smaller children at the center, their light touching off ripples that spin into a radiant vortex. The reverse is hand-stamped in more flowing waters, more ripples, more radiant starlight — and directional arrows pointing inward toward the center of the water, the First Medicine. She hangs suspended from a strand of variegated beads strung on sterling silver bead chain: five round sterling silver beads interspersed with alternating copper and Kambaba jasper, the copper manifest in burnished hand-made barrel beads of truly ancient vintage; near either end, small sterling silver doughnut rondels trade space with the deep green Kambaba jasper rounds and tiny ocean jasper spheres in translucent greens and copper and ivory. Pendant with bail hangs 3-1/8″ long by 2-5/8″ across at the widest point; the native copper cabochon is 1-7/8″ across at the widest point by 1-1/4″ high; the bead strand is 20″ long (all dimensions approximate). Close-up views of the pendant and its reverse are shown below.

Sterling silver; Michigan native copper; old hand-made copper beads; Kambaba jasper; ocean jasper
$2,250 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Pendant close-up, front:


Pendant close-up, reverse:








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