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“Stardust World” Cuff Bracelet. $2,500. SOLD.

We live in the ethereal beauty of a stardust world, an earth formed of cosmic medicine to journey along a path made of light. Wings summons into being our world in miniature, by way of a dual-strand cuff formed of heavy-gauge sterling silver triangle wire and a phenomenally outsized cabochon of natural Pilot Mountain turquoise. The band is formed from twin lengths of solid silver, flared at the center, then gently brought together at either end and soldered securely. Each is meticulously hand-stamped dozens, perhaps hundred of times all along the apex of each heavy wire strand, in a tiny repeating pattern of arrowheads flared outward, creating the illusion of twinkling starlight. The stone, free-form in shape and set into a scalloped bezel trimmed with twisted silver, holds worlds within worlds, patchy red-gold earth and tight inky webbing amid swirling teal skies and emerald waters. The band is 6″ long; each strand of triangle wire is 1/4″ across. The cabochon is 1-7/8″ long and 1″ high from each highest (or lowest) point to the point directly across from it (dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; natural Pilot Mountain turquoise
$2,500 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Top view:


Side 1:


Side 2:









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