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“Spreading Stardust” Ring. $275. SOLD.

Spreading Stardust Ring

Butterflies are messengers of the spirits, spreading life and love through pollination; the stars are spirit guides, the dust of their light directing our path. Here, Wings has brought the two together, sowing seeds of stardust in this spare and simple ring. The top of the ring is hand-cut in a pattern evoking the Four Sacred Directions, imagery reflected in the Morning Star’s four silvery spokes of light. It curves elegantly along the top of a band made of solid dual half-round wire, each half-round hand-stamped in alternating butterfly and blossom symbols. It’s large and bold and substantive enough to be worn by a man with the largest of hands, yet delicate enough in execution to look at home on the most slender of female fingers. Four Directions design is 1-1/8 inches high by 1-1/8 inches across; band is 5/16″ across (dimensions approximate). Sizeable. Side view with band shown below.

Sterling silver
$275 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Spreading Stardust Ring Side View








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