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“Spirit Guide” Pendant. $1,350. SOLD.


The Water Bird is a spirit guide, sacred in the rites of the Tipi Way — a being known also as a Peyote Bird, for its role in the ceremonies of the Native American Church, also called the Red Road and the Peyote Way. It is one the symbols that speaks most deeply to Wings’s own spirit, and today he has released for sale one of his oldest pieces, a two-piece Water Bird cast in sterling silver, fully three-dimensional on the front, flat on the back to ensure that it hangs properly. The head, wings, and upper body form the top of the pendant, with the traditional elongated beak pointed skyward and the arched shoulders and articulated wingspan. Two perfectly round divots form the eyes; oval hoops mark the shoulders and bands of vertical and horizontal lines delineate the wing feathers. It attaches to the tailfeathers and lower body by way of a sterling silver jump ring; the flared tailfeathers bear a repeating banded pattern similar to those of the wings, and a scalloped edge that separates each barred feather from the next. The beak is soldered to a hand-made bail in the form of a simple silver hoop. The full pendant, including bail, hangs 2.75″ long by 1-11/16″ across at the widest point.

Sterling silver
$1,350 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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