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Spiderweb Alabaster Bear Cub 2. $300. SOLD.

Medium Spiderweb Alabaster Bear B 2014 Right Side Resized

Mike Schildt (Taos Pueblo) has coaxed this adolescent bear cub from a block of beautifully mysterious spiderweb alabaster. The little ghost bear not yet fully adult, stands tall and strong, looking inquisitively upward through inlaid eyes of Sleeping Beauty turquoise. The stone is a velvety white the shade of new snow, shot through with a crackling matrix ranging from bronze to deep roast brown tones. Stands 6-5/8″ long by 3-7/8″ high (dimensions approximate). Another angle shown below.

Spiderweb alabaster; Sleeping Beauty turquoise
$300 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Requires special handling due to weight and fragility; extra shipping charges apply

Medium Spiderweb Alabaster Bear B 2014 Left Side Resized


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