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“Sky Woman” Warrior Woman Pin. $375. SOLD.

Warrior Woman Pin Amethyst Lapis 2

The first Warrior Woman pin was conceived nearly two decades ago, a gift for Wings’s mother to honor her courage and strength. Since then, every pin has been individually designed, each unique, but all to honor her memory and the strength of women. The latest in Wings’s signature series continues that tradition, invoking the imagery of a powerful female spirit of many of our cultures: the Sky Woman who makes her home in the celestial lands of night. Here, she wears traditional dress adorned with symbols of the Sacred Directions, each centered by an Eye of Spirit, the same Eye that traces the length of the serpent over her shoulder. In her left hand she holds the moon, which she has used to capture the stars; in her right, a tiny lapis lazuli cabochon the color of the night sky. Above her heart rests a faceted amethyst, the shade of the shadowy threshold times of dusk and dawn over which she presides.

Sterling silver; amethyst; lapis lazuli
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance





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