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Seeking Guidance

These first days of early full autumn — yes, full autumn, calendar notwithstanding — carry on their winds certain gifts not found at other times of year. It’s a time of crystal clarity of air, with daily temperature swings of near fifty degrees, not enough cold for too many people to have returned to using fireplaces and woodstoves, and thus not enough time for the omnipresent inversion layer of the colder season really to take hold.

One of the gifts that such days bring occurs in the darker hours, not just the black of full night but the gloaming of the indigo hours, those half-lit moments of dusk and dawn. At this time in this place, the air is so clear that its possible to see the blues in the inky jet of night, and to watch the stars blink and shimmer and dance like diamonds beaded onto the blanket of the dark.

At this season, the Day Star appears in advance of the sun, less a herald than an illuminating guide in her own right. She goes by many names: the Day Star, the Dawn Star, the Morning Star, the Eastern Star. Her limbs reach to the cardinal directions; her glow toward the ordinal points. She is the spirit who has guided early travelers since the time before time — those whose bodies walk the path, and those who walk a path of the spirit.

She is one of the spirits we honor at morning prayers, seeking guidance in the dark quiet moments before the rush of day begins, drawing the power of illumination from all directions in the form of her silvery light.

And her spirit infuses today’s featured work. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

The Day Star Cuff Bracelet

The Day Star is a guiding and protective spirit, one to honor and thank for the gift of the new day and renewed light. Wings summons small versions of this powerful cosmic entity into being with his latest cuff bracelet. The band is wrought of twelve-gauge sterling silver, thick enough to feel solid and substantial, but not so heavy as to weight down the wrist. The top of the band is bisected by opposing rows of chased stampwork, the inner rows meeting at the center to form Eyes of Spirit enclosing shimmering dawn stars, a powerful composite symbol of wisdom, illumination, protection, and guidance that chase the entire length of the band. The motifs of protection are reinforced by the rows of stampwork at either edge, each its own different repeating pattern of a stylized lodge symbol. At the center, set in a plain, low-profile bezel, rests a rectangular of brilliant, intensely-blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise, the surface high and free-form, textured with an unusual degree of bold black matrix. The band is buffed to a shade or two off Florentine, like the subtle glow of the stars at dawn. Cuff is 6″ long by 5/16″ across; cabochon is 3/8″ high by 7/16″ across dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; Sleeping Beauty turquoise
$725 + shipping, handling, and insurance

It is a testament to her power that she appears, in various forms, in the traditions of so many indigenous peoples. She goes by many names, and indeed, her gender varies, too, or is simply of no relevance. But in many, her role remains the same: She is the keeper of daybreak, the one who shows us the way while the sun yet sleeps.

On these beautiful cold mornings, she glows unusually bright, a fierce diamond in a darkened sky. One must be both quick and aware, though; as soon as Father Sun begins his ascent, she fades fast, concealing herself behind the blanket of the turquoise sky.

I did not see her on this morning; the sun was already too close to scaling the peaks, the sky too bright to see her shine.

Still, seeking guidance from her remains part of my prayers. She was there while I still slept, and she will return tomorrow, drawing light from all directions.

~ Aji








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