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“Seasons” Salt Shaker. $475. SOLD.

Seasons Salt Shaker Resized

It’s a play on words and double meanings in a piece that represents the flavoring of life: of the body, and of the spirit. It’s a miniature salt shaker made entirely by hand, a tool to season the food that sustains us, styled and shaped in an homage to the seasons that sustain the world itself. The shaker is lightly domed in repoussé fashion, with five shaker holes drilled carefully in the center, then seated upon a small “foot” with a hole in the center for refilling; a tiny cork serves as a stopper. On the top, the concha-style surface is traced near the outer edge with a heavily stamped circle. Atop this band are overlaid delicate strands of sterling silver wire, each individually hand-formed into a spiral extending outward to meet up with its mirror image in a point that creates a diamond pattern: images of the vortex, of the sacred directions, of the four winds that power and shape and lend flavor to the seasons of the year. Depending on one’s orientation, the matched spirals may be placed at the cardinal directions, the points of the diamond, an encompassing Eye of Spirit, occupying ordinal points, or the reverse. The shaker is 1.75 inches across at its widest point, and stands 7/16 of an inch high (dimensions approximate). [Note: Matched pairs for salt and pepper may be commissioned.]

Sterling silver
$475 + shipping, handling, and insurance










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