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Sandstone Corn Maiden Sculptures. $275-$425.

Mak Swazo Hinds Corn Maiden Sculptures

Master carver Mark Swazo-Hinds (Tesuque Pueblo) coaxes stylized Corn Maidens from plain smooth blocks of stone.  Each is hand-carved from very pale, very fine pink sandstone, almost a translucent peach in color.  With surfaces so smooth you can hardly keep from touching them, they feel a bit like large worry stones.  In lieu of the traditional tablita headdress, each wears Mark’s trademark bundle of brilliantly-hued macaw feathers. All dimensions are approximate:  The two smaller ones are in the 3″-4″ high range; the largest is about 6″; the one in the back on the far right is about 5″ high, and is narrower — almost an inverted teardrop shape. Individual views shown below.

Pink sandstone; macaw feather bundles
Far left: $275 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Middle: $425 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Far right: $275 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Back: $325 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Weight requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply


Middle (largest):


Back (barely visible in group image):


Far left (small, with multi-colored feathers):


Far right (small, with all-orange feathers):










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