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“Sagebrush Spirits” Dragonfly Cuff Bracelet. $2,000. SOLD.

Sagebrush spirits are pollinators, messengers — tiny beings and bringers of the water to the sagebrush violets and the purple sage. Wings gives three-dimensional form and shape to Dragonfly and his wings, setting him amid a profusion of petals glowing in the desert light. The cuff is a masterwork of traditional Indigenous metalsmithing, the band cut freehand and hand-milled in a bold, looping floral design, the stamens of each blossom given depth and dimension through added stampwork. Atop the very center of the cuff sits Dragonfly himself, back wings hovering in midair: Cut freehand of a single piece of sterling silver, the body is segmented and texturized with meticulous freehand stampwork, as are the veins and whorls of the wings, while a pair of bezel-set amethyst cabochons create his eyes; his form is overlaid at the very center of the band, body, head, and upper wings soldered securely into place, while his back wings extend skyward above the cuff. Along the inner band, a pair of tiny dragonflies hover and drift, evoking Wings’s old ingot versions of their kind and summoned into being via freehand vintage-style stampwork that meets at one edge’s center. The band is 6″ long by 2″ wide; dragonfly overlay is 3″ long by 2″ high; raised wings are 1.5″ long and reach 3/8″ above the band; amethyst cabochons are 3/16″ across (all dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.


Sterling silver; amethyst
$2,000 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Angle 1:


Angle 2:


Top view:


Side 1:


Side 1, inner band:




Side 2, inner band:


Side 2:








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