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“Sacred Sky” Collector’s Spoon. $375. SOLD.

Sacred Sky Collectors Spoon Front

In many traditions, the sky is a sacred space, a place where Spirit dwells. Here, Wings pays tribute to its role in indigenous cosmologies with this sterling silver collector’s spoon. It’s a spoon designed the old way, with a subtly shaped oblong bowl, more reminiscent of a butter knife than of its contemporary counterparts, but a style no less functional for that. Here, symbols of the thunderheads, those life-giving spirits who bring the rain, are conjoined down the length of the spoon’s handle, creating a repeating pattern that evokes the sacred space. At the end where shaft meets bowl, a single directional arrow points toward the Guiding Star at the center. Edging the bowl are paired sun and moon patterns, engaged in their own spiraling, orbiting dance. On the reverse, simple five-pointed stars chase the length of the handle. The spoon bears a lightly polished finish, and is 4.5 inches long by 11/16 of an inch across at the bowl’s widest point (dimensions approximate). Reverse shown below.

Sterling silver
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Sacred Sky Collectors Spoon Reverse








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