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“Rotation and Revolution” Coil Bracelet. $325.

Our world, and our place in it, are powered by the twin forces of rotation and revolution, keeping the earth anchored in the proper space and time. Rotation keeps us humble, ensuring that we do not lose our place in the universe, while revolution teaches humility in the form of requiring us to look outside ourselves to greater things: a process essential to readying us for its counterpart, the other kind of revolution to which we are called. Wings honors these forces in all their forms in a rotating hoop of radiant light. At the coils center rest fourteen large round orbs of beautifully chatoyant tiger’s eye, the gold and bronze of pure flame glowing with life. At either end, four doughnut-shaped rondel beads of iron pyrite, fool’s gold, separate it from the next strand and caution against arrogance. Next come long strands of red tiger’s eye in large doughnut-shaped rondels, each shimmering with maroon chatoyant fire. These red flames of the sun flow into the cool watery expanse of the earth’s own atmosphere, smaller rondels of teal-colored kyanite lit from within with the silver of a million stars. Each end is anchored with a small length of pyrite rondels, once again, a caution against human frailty and a means of keeping us firmly grounded in the earth. Beads are strung on memory wire, which expands and contracts to fit virtually any wrist. Another view shown below. [Note: Kyanite beads are teal-colored in natural light, not the cornflower blue they appear above.] Designed jointly by Wings and Aji.

Memory wire; tiger’s eye; iron pyrite; red tiger’s eye; kyanite
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